DirectX 10 Shootout: Nvidia vs. ATI

It's truth time. Now that the first games using DirectX 10 have appeared, Nvidia and ATI have to face the real world and answer the question - which card offers the most performance under Vista?

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Proxy4030d ago

Looks like PS3 and XBox 360 arn't the only ones in the middle of a fanboy war....

felman874030d ago

Man, these cards are expensive

Proxy4030d ago

$350 for a 8800 GTS 640 MB.

This is the mid range. Also happens to be the minimum recomended specs for Crysis if I remember correctly?

fermcr4030d ago

Actually the 8800 GTS, GTX and ATI 2900 are the recommended cards for crysis... the minimum are the cards 2 or 3 years back like the 6800. Get a 8600GT for 100... 120 bucks and i bet you play Crysis with good graphics

Charlie26884030d ago

@Proxy: Actually non of what you said is right, the 8800 series GTS/GTX are high end GTS is just the smaller brother of the GTX, the 8600 are the medium range, 8500/8400 are the low end

and in Crysis sys requirements the 8800GTS was in the recommend section NOT in the Minimum, the Minimum is a 6800

Proxy4030d ago

I was wrong. :*(

Am I allowed to use those 3 words in that order? I havn't seen it done before, maybe it's against the rules or something?

Torch4030d ago

Say, $350's pretty good for the 640MB of the card...I'm on my way later this afternoon to go pick up my 320MB XFX version, which I paid a cool CN$319...and I did look around.

Mind you, there was the EVGA 320MB version available for CN$298, but apparently, the XFX version, comes natively clocked at a higher rate, and is supposedly easier to overclock.

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WilliamRLBaker4030d ago

neither company has gotten around to creating a better driver suite for vista users.

GIJeff4030d ago

I guess i will be getting a 8 series....oh wait, i dont have a billion 7950 512 will have to do for now... :(

iMad4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

But sadly it will not possible in this GEN for PS3 and most likely for 360 too. 360 grapics inside can handle DX10 but lack of RAM.

Do you want Crysis? Well on today consoles it can't be possible! mainly becouse of small amount of RAM. Crysis needs 1GB of video RAM in minimum. So in 2009 it will be good to have updated console with backward support for old games from 360.

PS3? PS3 can never handle Direct10 level graphics. It has limited ram architecture (256+256 is bad becouse graphic schene should feet in 256 amount of video RAM) and RSX can't handle HDR, shaders 3.0 well. It is DX9 level. And Cell will not help becouse of his not gaming arhitecture. Parallel computing is a good thing...for scientists, for big simple and straight calculations with little amount of interruptions, with low amount of events to handle. But it has very little task to do well in gaming: physical callculations - good, graphics - bad. Who need good physics with bad grapics? You can say - "look at ray tracing on PS3! That's is graphics!" Well one single item raytraced on PS3 has nothing to prove. NOTHING. IN games we need about 100 items to be raytraced! In real games with modern technologies in computing full RAY Tracing for about 100 items will be available only in 10 years.

I want Direct10 level of graphics to run widely in 1 year! And it will! And then i could switch to PC and have beter games for just 200$.

PopEmUp4030d ago

why don't u say it to ps2?

I let you figure it out of what I means?

iMad4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Becouse DX10 (Open GL XXX) is a revolution in PC(consoles) graphics.
When people will see games using this technology they quickly will buy hardware capable to run it. Just as they wanted a color TV when it first came. Becouse that's is really really good to play such a beatifull games with so complex graphics.

With PS2 the difference was not so high to XBOX and PC.

risk4030d ago

xbox/playstation have their own graphic API's just like how DX10 wont make it to console OpenGL 3.0 wont make it to Playstation 3 (even thou they could make it then people would be able ot make homebrew games for ps3's)

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