Lair Director Responds to Critics

Factor 5 President and Lair Director, Julian Eggebrecht, discusses game development for the PS3 and responds to harsh criticisms against Lair.

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ShiftyLookingCow4491d ago

nothing new here, same old reviewer and hardcore gamer bashing BS.

nasim4490d ago

LAIR has sold around 200 000 copies till date in NA so despite negative reviews LAIR sold in NA

LAIR got the same score as PGR4 on FAMITSU and better score than PGR4 at DENGEKI . expect LAIR to sell a lot in EU/JAPAN

a 500 000 copies is now reachable --enough to make up for the budget of 17 million dollar.

you BOT play your overrated cartoon HALO 3 at 640p rather than talking trash

CodeMonkey74490d ago


I am sick of everyone saying that the PS3 is tapped "50%....only 20%....its 50x faster than the 360"

YOU HAVE NO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVERY GAME THAT COMES OUT IN MULTI-PLATFORM IS CRAP ON THE PS3. The console is better designed for crunching mathematical computations which is why you are all getting crap games.

Listen to this douche in the video. "We worked on it for three years"....and somehow he is saying that they only hit 50% of the power. Why would you hit only 50% when working on it for three years? You wouldn't! he is obviously fool of sh!t and in my mind he is no smarter than Nasim.

Look at the current state of the PS3:

It has no AAA titles.
All ports are looking better on the 360.
All games for the PS3 are getting delayed.

Sony was banking on people buying this junk up and its not happening. They are more concerned with getting the Blu-ray format out than putting efforts into the PS3.

Click the disagree button if you feel that the PS3 is complete garbage. Enjoy your RPGs. Hop on Live! and I'll pop your head off in some real games....tonight

XxZxX4490d ago

"1.2 - Get a f*cking life.

I am sick of everyone saying that the PS3 is tapped "50%....only 20%....its 50x faster than the 360"

YOU HAVE NO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

ohh man talking about hypocrite. Dude look at the mirror first.

ZombiesNJ4490d ago

Heavenly Sword completely blows away everything on the XBox360. About the only thing that can compare is Gears of War, which is a totally different kind of game. Gameplay wise, there great games on both systems now so you can't say the PS3 doesn't have any great games.


Both systems are great in they're own way but dude you cant say Hs is any good..Sure HS has very nice graphics and massive battles but they're boring..All the guys do the same thing, walk the same way do that same attacks..this game is a boring button masher. the story is pathetic. I laughed really hard while playing the part early on in the game when you get to be that chick that shoots..haha fvcking controlable arrows?? with the sixaxis?? so lame man . they needed to leave that sh!t outta the game. HS blows away most 360 games visually but nothing more..that game is barley worth renting.
so yeah

all the great PS3 games are on their way..not here YET

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razer4491d ago

I think there is something in the contract with Sony that if you develope for their system and you give an interview you have to state how much of the system power you are using and make sure you say nothing more than %50.

I think you needed to use a bit more of the power because the game is not that good and what is up with the framerate?

Clinton5144490d ago

So tell us which portion of the game did you play and witness framerate drops?

Marceles4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Everytime you blow up anything from up close...a boat, a dragon...big framerate drop, and then the game speeds back up to normal

edit: god @ disagrees...i hate fanboy threads, i knew i should've stayed out of it. i understand we all gave lair a chance. it really shows off what the ps3 can handle, the good graphics, everything that's going on at once, the big worlds...but this game was pretty bad. And i see where you're gettin at Clinton ;)

Clinton5144490d ago

Shh, I wanted to see if he actually played the game. :P

Besides, yes there were SOME framerate drops but never to the point where the game was unplayable. It was a nice rental and I beat it before my rental time was up.

A lot of people will hate on this title without ever playing it.

ukilnme4490d ago

Hating on a title without playing it is the standard for Sony and MS fanatics. If a game is not on their console of choice it will get bashed.

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Azailex Sorrow4490d ago

im starting to think tht this game will start-off like killzone did, when killzone1 came out it got pretty poor reviews, but now killzone is taking thier mistakes and fixing them, if lair was to make a sequal i sure as hell would probably would back them up!

Clinton5144490d ago

It's better than Killzone imo.

Mikey_Gee4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Killzone Liberation on the PSP is fricken AWSOME !!!

Transformers on the PSP however .. SUCKS A$$ (yes, I am bitter)

xionpunk4490d ago

I dont know why people hate on Killzone, I loved that game, it had great atmosphere. Sure, it didnt do any thing new but it was a lot of fun imo.

Kuest4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

am happy that Lair sucked. Perhaps, now they will realize the TRUE power of the force and make another Rogue Squadron (#$2#@%[email protected]@!!!!). Seriously, we need a good Star Wars game for Next Gen because I have searched my feelings- and Unleased just doesn't cut it.


Yeah, yeah- you can disagree all you want. But there's no denying that RS pwns the living @%#$% out of Lair. Of course, if you didn't own a gamecube than you probably would not know this.

My, my- ignorance is bliss.

xplosneer4490d ago

Agree with you I need Star Wars BF or RS update. Plus a new Sim City for PC(Sorry DS I just can't play Sim City on you)

Back on topic, I think what he is saying is true, I'm a big gamer and really don't like the controls that much even though they are respectable, but my brother loves it.

iceice1234490d ago

I get 1/3 through and it will not load anymore.

Jinxstar4490d ago

Thats G4. They kinda suck with streaming media.

Gondee4490d ago

I agree, now days its easy to just look it up on you tube