Good riddance: 10 games we're happy were canceled

Destructoid: Just because a videogame has been announced (and sometimes millions of dollars dumped into them), that's no guarantee they'll see the fluorescent lights of your favorite retailer.

Today, Capcom announced it had pulled the plug on Mega Man Universe. While fans of the Blue Bomber shed a tear, we're sitting around the office shrugging indifferently. Based on what we had played, we weren't sold on the idea anyhow: LittleBigPlanet meets Mega Man with silly graphics and sluggish controls? We'll pass, thanks.

While we're always saddened to hear that game cancelations and job cuts sometimes go hand-in-hand, there are definitely a few games that we're happy to live without. Here are ten games that we'll sleep well knowing we'll never have to play.

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Ahasverus2852d ago

I agree, Harold Wake was an awful game glad they shelved it

Etseix2851d ago

agree 100% when i saw the trailer for Harold Wake it was not so good, i expected it to be using the unreal engine Epic showed a lil time ago, :/

SeraphimBlade2851d ago

I hadn't even heard of it. Glad I didn't. Sounds ridiculous, and not the good, Katamari kind of ridiculous.

lashes2ashes2851d ago

harold wake is a joke as im shure you know. its not real

SeraphimBlade2851d ago

I didn't really follow anything about Wake for quite a while. It sounded like if it was real, it was one of those things that got tossed around for like a week before getting dropped altogether. That and it seemed weird to throw a joke entry into the middle of a real list.

spunnups2851d ago

This is Vegas is a great concept, wish someone could pull something like that off.

airhorn952851d ago

I know I was waiting and waiting for it to be released.... Maybe one day

Magnus2851d ago

Wish Shenmue 3 would make an appearance on 360/PS3. I was kinda stoked about This is Vegas shame it got cancelled. But who the hell wants to play a game about John and Kate plus 8 the show is stupid.

Unknown_SNAKE2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

i am never feel Happy when i hear the word (Canceled):(
it always makes me heart broken no matter would i play the game or not :D

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