HD-VMD, the other HD format.

NME Launches Its HD VMD Disc Solution Into Markets Worldwide for Autumn of 2007.

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-SIXAXIS-4026d ago

Nobody will buy it because nobody heard of it. Blu-ray and HD-DVD are already out and battling. What makes you think people want another format in the war. It's just too small of a company to win (kinda like Sony and their UMDs and MDs).

WilliamRLBaker4026d ago

many small companies have broke out and become dominate.
and this product actually is established on current DVD production therefor will actually cost near to dvd costs in terms of pressing...ect

So movies in this format will appear at 10-15 dollars instead of the 20-30 for bluray and hd dvd.

WilliamRLBaker4026d ago

disagree because you dont know the first thing about the format and probly didn't even read the article.
as for that you probly dont know a thing about hd dvd or blu ray for that matter.

Heepspo4025d ago

Doesn't stand a chance.

felman874026d ago

Just what we need, another one.

Proxy4026d ago

When I've heard about this media some place besides the remote corners of the internet then I'll give it a second look.

Cherchez La Ghost4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Read what the article said,

"NME is positioning its new HD VMD format as the most practical and cost-effective solution in the HD market by giving consumers what they have been craving -- an affordable, full HD Player and DVD up-scaler with superior image playback. HD VMD also has a growing list of over 100 blockbuster Hollywood and Bollywood film titles which will come available through its network of distributors in those markets. Players and films will be available in soon to-be-announced mainstream retail outlets across each region, as well as accessible online through, PC and NME's e-commerce Web store from mid October".

Now, if the HD-VMD camp is watching Blu-Ray & HD-DVD ripping their throats out and enter the market with "AFFORDABLE" 1080p DVD players (around $190 MSRP) and HD-VMD movies costing the same as DVD9?! Game over for HD-DVD & Blu-Ray. And please don't let Walmart sell this format. Like I said before, it's just business. Taking someone else's idea and making it a little better. U.S. & Japan are not the only innovators on this Earth.

Also there is one on Amazon right now,

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The story is too old to be commented.