Gaming’s Entitlement Mentality

Jason Lomberg writes: At GDC 2011, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discussed the figurative “race to the bottom,” wherein the low-ball pricing structure of iOS erodes the perceived value of AAA games. Similarly, on Mobcast #96, the gang discussed microtransactions and indie game development—one guest remarked that a steady diet of .99 iOS Apps had made Tactics Ogre’s $39.99 seem excessively high. I believe this is endemic of a pernicious entitlement mentality that has expressed itself among gamers in recent years.

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TruthbeTold3738d ago

The truth is that many of those $1 dollar games are lowering expectations and damaging price points for greater efforts. But it is also true that many greater efforts just cost too much. You can only buy so many 40-50-$60 games that are only worth playing once/twice, or not worth finishing before you get pissed off and disillusioned.

Gungnir3738d ago

Not sure I agree, but interesting discussion in the comments below the article on the originating site.

JamesDeRosa3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Interesting.... Don't know if I agree either, but it's food for thought.

Sadie21003738d ago

The thing the author doesn't acknowledge, though, is the # of hours someone can get out of multiplayer. It's easy to justify the $60 for a Call of Duty knowing just how much you're going to play it.

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