Miku Hatsune's Playboy Images Are...Not What You'd Expect

Last week, it was announced that Vocaloid's Miku Hatsune would be appearing in Weekly Playboy (news story here: ). Now, those images are finally here.

Even though she's performed in concerts, Miku Hatsune is an entirely virtual creation. Pin-up model Risa Yoshiki, however, appears to be real! In the latest issue of Japanese tabloid Weekly Playboy, both idols, 2D and 3D, come together.

Weekly Playboy is dubbing this fusion of the second and third dimension as "5D". Yes, this is what a 5D layout looks like, apparently.

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insomnium24195d ago

Isn't this kinda lame....?

CrimsonEngage4195d ago

A non nude female in a Playboy magazine? This is why i buy Hustler instead... *like a boss*

ZombieAssassin4195d ago

Paying for porn especially in magazine form in 2011 is very un-boss like.

ONTOPIC: WTF is this

Burning_Finger4195d ago

It's fappable and hit worthy. :)