GACKPOID Releases New Compilation Album: Do People Actually Buy This Stuff?

Following the excessively named "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMism from Megpoid", which reached 9th place in Japan's ORICON Daily Charts this year, PC vocaloid GACKPOID released its first compilation album in April, entitled "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Kirameki Hyakka Ryouran Budoukai feat. CAMUI GACKPO".

The album includes hit songs from the PC vocaloid, such as "Dancing Samurai" (in video below), "Soushisu Monochrome / Otetsu", as well as new songs written specifically for the new album.

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joab7774231d ago

I am a hardcore gamer but I am also a human being who needs food, clothes, etc. I guess if I was rich and this was my favorite shit ever...nope, still wouldn't buy it. But then, I only buy games. That's my love and its either $150 on some crazy special edition crap that i haven't had in my house since i was 15, or 3 games. Ill buy the games all day.

the_union_of_PS3604231d ago

What the hell did I just watch

Hozi894231d ago

lol...That would be Gackt. He's Japan's sexiest guy/musician/actor/videogame actor/karate expert, etc.

When I was 14 I was obsessed with his music. Now it's all just something I look back at and say "thank God I grew out of that phase"

He's actually got some decent songs. like Redemption, and Last Song.