New Sonic the Hedgehog Gameplay Videos

The following videos gives us a more detailed look on what the characters Sonic and Silver can do. Tall buildings in a single bound? Superman? More like Silver the Hedgehog. Running circles around three humongous robots before cloud surfing into safety? Only Sonic can.

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PS3 Ultimate5377d ago

I hope the videos are good and in good quality.....

ChickeyCantor5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

glad i have 8mb internet acces

how come the games look more aggressive? i mean the city looks like it had a trip too hell....

PS3 Ultimate5377d ago

The game is looking great graphic wise. That is how Sonic truly meant to look like! It its peek quality Sonic looks CG which is awesome! The game looks like it'll be alright. Looking good!