Confessions of an Achievement Addict: Episode 6 – The Achievement Addict vs. Glitches

Miles Messenger of the Married Gamers discusses the roadblocks that glitches can present while playing games and boosting your gamerscore. His quest for 300,000G continues!

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maxcavsm3864d ago

Whoa, and I thought my 35K was something worth having.

ITLoo3864d ago

I felt that way too with my measly 46K. I thought I had a problem until I noticed that people actually had over 200,000G.

captain-obvious3864d ago

@ title
"Confessions of an Achievement Whore"

there you go

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CaptainMarvelQ83864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

yeah,but sometimes you look like a boss in front of most of those online players who have so little GamerSCore

as for me,i've stopped with 36K GS,i got bored with playing games just for digital numbers,i'd rather enjoy the game and play online with my friends