Crysis 2: No DX11 - "Thanks for nothing!"

Crysis 2 features no DirectX 11. No news. But Crytek remains silent concerning a possible DX11 patch. That in turn the community begins with flame wars against the german developement studio. "How can you not say anything about this at this time? The only reason I can think of is that there is bad news and you don't want to spoil sales with negative news in the period right after launch. But this is getting quite annoying..." More through the link.

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dannybohy3865d ago

It was made for consoles!! and they couldnt give a crap about PC users thats pretty obvious!. I doubt you will get dx11 and if you do it will be an afterthought and not worth the bother!

plb3865d ago

Crytek team member already tweeted they are working on it though it should have been released with the game tbh. I'm not sure who is to blame. Maybe EA gave them a deadline they couldn't meet and sacrifices had to be made.

St03865d ago

I can't see the post Crytek made about Dx11 on Twitter, got a link?

Cyb3r3865d ago

Well if it was made for consoles they didnt do a very good job on the PS3 version. I regret selling my 360 I should have kept it for Crysis2 but now Im stuck with the PS3 version which looks awful

barb_wire3865d ago

Aww, you poor poor baby.. looks and plays just fine on my PS3, maybe if you weren't such a GFX whore, you wouldn't whine so much.

karl3865d ago

it does look like crap .. but en every console...

and now.. if he really was a GFX whore . he would have bought it on PC.. (there it looks awesome, even without dx11)

but he didnt.. chances are hes just a troll..

Bhai3865d ago

It looks no different on PC, just sharper, wanna see?


PC is full of glitches too and there is sooo little difference that its funny its a 2011 PC vs 2005 consoles...
But yeah after PC, its the PS3 version that looks cooler of the 2!

Solid_Snake-3865d ago

agreed. the opted for the console and forgot about us pc gamers.

i completed it with the custom graphics mod.

pretty decent game.

when i first started i gave it a 7/10 when i finished it went to a 8.5/10

Visari3865d ago

The game was made for consoles and they couldn't even get THAT right.

Oner3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Well Thanks for NOTHING! (Caddy Shack) ~ http://www.mattsmusicpage.c...

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hot1113865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Who cares,it looks better than any DX11 game.Some mythical patch won't turn New York into tropical island.

plb3865d ago

Hm dunno. Metro 2033 is quite the looker.

gillri3865d ago

well yes and no, at times it looked brilliant but this was driven by the hardware (particle effects, volumetric lighting, high texture resolutions) but the talent was very 'indie' and as such looked incredibly ionconsistent with some very bad character models, poor lip-synching and jerky animations

GOW3 was the best looking game of last year because of the talent of the developers behind the game..and that was on 5 year old hardware

hardware is n only the tool, its the developers and more importantly 3D artists that drive the hardware

bumnut3865d ago

Thats right it won't, but thats not what people are expecting from the patch.

Bhai3865d ago

bubbles up man, the word of a million words,
Give the PC resources to Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog or Polyphony Digital and see them beating the crap out of Crytek... its in the devs man its in the devs!

v0rt3x3865d ago

I love seeing flame wars getting sparked by people who clearly do not understand this industry :)

Tsuru3865d ago

I also love the fact people complain about nothing. Cause everyone knows graphics make a game right? Not the game play, or the story am i right? Thats whats wrong with people who started gaming with 3D graphics. "If it doesnt look good its crap." Exactly why a lot of people miss out on such awesome games all because it doesnt LOOK good.

Inzo3865d ago

Its about money, always have been.

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