1UP previews Soldier of Fortune Payback; new screens

While not exactly a secret -- especially after last week's leak -- today Activision made it official and confirmed Soldier of Fortune Payback (a.k.a. SoF3) as a PC, 360 and PS3 game shipping next month. Conveniently, 1UP also uncovered the first details and high-resolution assets for the game.

At first glance, Payback looks to be an up-to-date version of the early-2000 Soldier of Fortune titles -- you play a mercenary "blasting their way through high intensity combat situations in the world's most dangerous hotspots in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe," according to a press sheet.

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MK_Red4493d ago

WTF, I thought it was delayed. Now it's coming with little to no hype and is going to go up against Call Of Duty 4!? I loved the original games (Really bloody and violent) but this one doesn't have the same feel and November release seems a bit too early.

mighty_douche4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

do you choke yourself during your 'alone' time? just plating!

but yeh this seems to have lost its edge alot, ive watched a few videos and didnt see a single limb fly through the air, most disappointing.
and releasing this game now is just suicide, i understand them wanting to release before christmas but this will probably end up hurting the series much more than a few more months in development would.

what would have been better?!??! ill tell you.
old school SoF with updated graphics combined with slow-mo like FEAR.
Slow-mo limb carnage!!

mighty_douche4493d ago

seems i completely missed this bit....
"In something of a nod to the original SoF games, Payback will feature character dismemberment, so if you shoot an enemy in the arm, that arm will fall off and he'll be left to defend himself without it. Between this and the amount of blood that pours out of enemies, the game looks to be one of the most violent of the realistic shooters on the market, easily earning its 'M' rating."

if your a SoF fan, that ^^ alone makes this worht a rent if nothing else.

MK_Red4493d ago

1.I know, I'm crazy about violence and gore. Gorehound here :O
2.I read the whole article but dismemberment is not all that made original SOF so great in gore department. If you look at the videos, the game has only added dismemberment to the usual violence in games while original using GHOUL engine had special gore and decal system. See the violent effects on bodies of BioShock splicers? Add a unqie one for each weapon and killing item like knife.

In SOF, enemies would bleed and show their pain. And the game WAS about over-the-top violence but the new one has gone the realistic approach. Even if they tone down the violence I won't complain as long as they hype the game enough and do all the neccessary things (A delay might be helpful because we've seen the game just recently and it's coming out the same time as Call of Duty 4!).

thereapersson4493d ago

The ESRB tries to go after this one with an AO rating. Just a hunch...

AliC4493d ago

This games going to suck.

Jeremy Gerard4493d ago

this game is going to be freekin sweet, did you see the blood, the carnage, limbs flying off everywhere!?!?! How can that not be good stuff? HOW i ask?!?

Mallow4493d ago

This baby is a must buy for me, I love SoF and there is nothing better then shooting the legs off people, this is going to be a great game.