Will Mortal Kombat 9 be Another Letdown for Fans?

"Though the upcoming Mortal Kombat (9) is still weeks away, it's shaping up to be the most ambitious fighting game of the year. Finally returning to the 2D realm in terms of gameplay, NetherRealm Studios may be creating the perfect Mortal Kombat entry. After the absence of extreme violence in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, I'm beginning to understand why blood and gore can be so integral to a game series."

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vgn242976d ago

My guess is it will flop. Fans of the series will embrace it, but anyone on the fence will continue thinking of it as a series that used to be good.

BeaRye2976d ago

let me guess. You're another "if it ain't Capcom, it sucks". Mortal Kombat is as epic as anything Capcom's put out. Come on SNK destroys Capcom.

Dno2975d ago

Its true.... capcom MADE fighting games main stream and did it AGAIN in 2009. MK is and always will be a B-class fighting series comparing it to capcom games. Have you even played MK9? it took everything SF has and then some. From supers to EX moves.

Even Ed boon constantly states most of his ideas were from street fighter. I am going to get MK9 i played the demo its fun but its NOT a capcom fighting game.

RedPawn2975d ago

All the fighting games that have released have pretty solid, and MK feels like it got an injection of life, that never left the 90's

Ed Boon reconises good mechanics, it's way easier to make the game creatively wise now considering they don't use digitised actors.

Oner2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@ RedPawn "Ed Boon reconises good mechanics, it's way easier to make the game creatively wise now considering they don't use digitised actors."

And yet ever since they switched from Digitized Actors to the "standard" way of making a fighter the series has gone down hill. THAT is the issue, not as BeaRye claims what people think...fact is, the moment they changed from their original game model "style" they screwed themselves & the series. MK was never the same.

Think about how awesome an evolution to Ultimate MK3 in TRUE HD with REAL interactive backgrounds plus a touch of digital effects for "WOW"! That is what MK should have been. Not the "cartoony game graphics" it has become.

madara0sama2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@Dno What game doesn't take ideas from another. It's smart. You can say that for any game even SF as almost every game has its unoriginal parts. And also "its NOT a capcom fighting game", well obviously so what is your point?

RedPawn2975d ago


It's about progression, and they way they used to do is classic, but ancient, all major fighters have the slump. You have to move on from what was so standard, especially costume wise, those characters would have looked a complete mess if they still used real actors. Some of the characters may have not have been as cool as the old cast but at least this allowed them to expand story/fighter wise.

The only fighting games to hold it down continously since 3rd Strike Arcade was:

King of Fighters
Guilty Gear
Mortal Kombat.

Fighting games and foremost always start with the character & their specials. Designers have to contend with style & Uniqueness, because you also have Comics/Cartoons/Manga/Anime, that showcase awesome talents.

Mortal Kombat will be just fine, and their desings are pure GOLD!!!

Oner2974d ago

There was no "slump" with MK, since it never really made a went from being the hot thing to being a grand old "Meh" once they changed their original design. The design was what made it different. That was their hook (plus the gore). And since that point <when they changed it> they've never captured the same audience or size they had with all the motion capture titles.

It would have been better to have made 2 different series like MK original and then MK alternate...sort of how Street Fighter had EX Plus being 3 dimensional but still kept their original Street Fighter 2D sprite based title(s) along side what made them so loved by all without affecting each other. I really believe MK could have been so much bigger and better if they never changed or lost what that started with.

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LOGICWINS2975d ago

@TrapperDan- I was on the fence after I played the demo. It's great. I'm buying it Day 1.

Daver2975d ago


If this game flop and MvsC 3 do well then I dont know where the world is going...

If there is a fighting game worth 60$ then It is MK9, I bought Marvel vs capcom and it was the worst game I bought in a long time.

gravemaker2976d ago

played demo, it's awesome

damnyouretall2975d ago

yeah i really like the demo ,it has the old school feeling of the first few. takes me back. i'll definetly buy it when the price drops.

Killzone3___2975d ago

yep , you both right but i have a problem with it , the characters don't have alots of moves , but it's still fun and reminds me of the classic game {in ps1}
2D is the best for this kind of games..

xAlmostPro2975d ago

They have plenty of moves.. although single combo's are shorter than some older mortal kombat games..

The skill of MK lies in linking smaller moves and combo's together, you just need to be good with your timing and you can pull off a 10+ hit combo made up of smaller combo's :)

damnyouretall2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

yeah there arent as many moves as most fighting games. but i think its still cool cause you can learn alot of the characters moves without just focusing on one or two characaters. you can learn most and have some variety in who you choose to fight with. imo

ShyGuy132976d ago

I want it be good. But dropping $60 on something I'm "hopeful" for doesn't always workout so well.

ironcreed2975d ago

Wise words indeed. I have been burned more times then I care to remember... even after enjoying a demo. Speaking of demos, the MK demo is indeed fun as hell and is quite a refreshing throwback that brought back a flood of great memories. I want the game, but I will definitely be waiting to pick it up later on down the road. I think I'll enjoy a game like this even more when it is cheaper.

DirtyLary2975d ago

Is that epic, or isn't epic?

GodofwarGoty2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

no it wont it will be a classic and one of the best fighters to ever come out and everyone knows it cant wait for these game Kratos is coming

jonlynch2975d ago

Big shocker folks. A GoW fan thinks the game will be epic because of Kratos. Because somehow one character makes a game great. Didn't work with Master Chief in Dead or Alive.

GodofwarGoty2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

i didnt say it will be a classic or a big fighter because of Kratos did I and i didnt say it wont sell on the 360 did I my point is it will be a big hit on all console. all i said is Kratos is coming.

Jellzy2975d ago

In all honesty though Master Chief isn't exactly suited to a fighting game.

Kratos fits the MK universe better than half of the original MK cast.

I agree that one character doesn't make the game, but it will push sales on Sony's platform.

p.s. I don't necessarily agree with 'GodofwarGoty' and he is jumping the gun a bit.

Urrakia342975d ago

@jonlynch- If I remember correctly, Master Chief did not appear in Dead or Alive. Instead, it was a female Spartan, in pink armor I believe, that made an appearance in DoA.

unknownhero11232975d ago

yeah but the difference here is that Kratos actually fits in this universe. But people shouldn't get MK just for kratos though, he's just icing on the cake.

anyways, the new MK won't a letdown for these reasons:

*fighting, for the most part, is back to it's roots.

*there will be a whole bunch of unlockables to unlock like secret characters

*It's bloodier than before

*NRS actually gave a damn about the story this time(some random person, god bless him, ruined part of the story for me and let's just say NRS has some balls)

*game play modes like challenge tower, story mode, versus king of the hill, etc.

So ,I do believe that MK9 will get the series going again.

Skizelli2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

People shouldn't get the new MK for its fatalities, either. It's time to break that mentality. Based on the demo, the game play will stand on its own for once. The fatalities are just a bonus. I see a lot of people complaining about the fatalities or characters, and I don't understand why. Has anyone been watching those Fatality Friday videos on GameTrailers? If not, do it. MK1 and 2 had some of the best fatalities, while the later games had less than stellar ones. The fatalities of old look tame in comparison to the new ones. This is the longest 22 days of my fucking life.

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