Brink Interview: Decreasing Learning Curve and Increasing Fun | VGW

How many times have you played a first-person shooter and you are annihilated for the first few online matches because you’re not used to the control-scheme? Even then, once you’re familiar with the controls, you aren’t very good, and thus, the game isn’t much fun because most of the match you’re just waiting to respawn half of the time! Well, Splash Damage and Bethesda have something for you in their latest title, Brink.

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killershadow1172978d ago

Awesome! Can not wait for this game! I really hope it tears my friends and me away from black ops because I am getting sick of it.

BShea2978d ago

This game really caught me off-guard. I hadn't heard much about it, but wow! The stuff this game is trying to accomplish is so ambitious that if they are able to do it, it might be hard to top.