Apple's WWDC 2011 kicks off on June 6th

WWDC has always been where a new iPhone is announced, so this year we'll most probably see a new iteration. The question is whether there'll be a gaming presence there, last year Apple surprised us with Unreal Engine 3 for iOS, might we see a similar surprise this year?

Engadget writes: "It's five days of developer love in sunny San Francisco, and this year it starts on June 6th. As ever, Moscone West will be hosting Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, and this year we'll be seeing "the future of iOS and Mac OS" along with "more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers." Last time Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 to a very willing world at large. Could its successor make an appearance this year? "

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conjurdevil4856d ago

has steve job lost it? he is over saturating the market with its key products!!! Every six months its one of the products with better hardware.

Projekt7tuning4856d ago

I haven't bought a new Mac since I stopped doing design work as my primary profession. I still have a twin processor G5 lol. I stopped paying 3 grand on a computer when my dinner didn't count on it. I've been rocking the PC for daily computing and gaming every since. But having said that, my Toshiba X305 laptop's video card overheated. Now I am seriously considering buying a Powerbook to replace it. I do like the build quality of Apple hardware. I also realized that a gaming laptop with a 17in screen isn't for me. I still ended up doing all my gaming on my PC or consoles. So I think this time I might go with the Powerbook. One thing I personally have always liked about the Mac OS, is it always works when I need it.
I'm thinking take my X305, gut it, turn it into a HTPC. Then buy a Powerbook for travel and for my wife to use.
On a side note I hope Steve Jobs is well enough to be there. From what I have read he has/had pancreatic cancer. That's one that almost always kills you, and is also one of the most painful organs in your body to piss off. I'm sure being one of the richest most influential men helps with getting the best health care. But still, that is one terrible thing to go through. Remember that's what Patrick Swayze passed from. Its the kind of thing the Dr. just writes you a huge script of morphine for and says better go be with your family. If he beats it again and manages to be the keynotes speaker, I give him mad props. That's definitely a strong willed and minded person. Weather you like Apple or not, you got to respect the man for the way he has helped with the evolution of technology.

conjurdevil4856d ago

omg you have x305 too? I thought I am the only person who bought this crap

Projekt7tuning4855d ago

Have you had any problems with your video card overheating?
I'm thinking about getting this.
AOpen GP7A-U (91.M0101.1110) Intel Socket P NVIDIA ION 2 x 204Pin SO-DIMM NVIDIA GeForce 9300M Integrated Black Barebone System

That way I can use all the components that are still good. What do you think?


Meta Is Doing With VR What Apple And Sony Have Struggled To Do

Shaz from GL: "Where Sony is ramping down support for PSVR2, and Apple are reconsidering their future with the Vision Pro, Meta and the Quest 3 continue to shine."

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ApocalypseShadow38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I'll admit that Facebook is doing more for VR than others. But they also have blown over 50 billion dollars so far and growing in R&D, building the meta verse, buying up exclusives and underpricing their products below build price, to kill competition in the stand alone space. Sony and Valve aren't willing to go into the red at an unheard level to capture the market. We know Sony could build a stand alone device that beats Quest just by the features in PS VR 2 and the new stand alone headset they built. But the new Sony would rather build a device they can profit from day one.

But, Sony so far has profited on hardware and on software. They just don't seem willing to spend the money on marketing, selling under build price or spending millions on making in-house VR exclusives for PS VR 2. Which sucks big time. They're just letting 3rd parties and indies run the show.

Article also doesn't mention that Apple's headset is more a developers product than a mass market item. To say they are looking into making a cheaper one for the next iteration is speaking the obvious. Duh. That was always the case. Build something the public sees as quality not can't afford, then make another that the masses can afford. TVs, cars, cellphones etc all were once expensive. Now, they're cheap to buy with many options to choose from. And Apple isn't even selling VP as a VR headset. I'm well aware that Apple's true intentions is to build a device that pushes AR with VR as an option. Not build a VR device. Because they know eventually that they want to replace the cellphone with AR glasses or an AR headset. If they cared about games, they would have launched as a gaming device.

Lastly, Facebook launched Quest 3 last year. But has not mentioned how many they sold up to this point. Why is that? Besides Quest 2 selling more by being cheap, the market can't move forward until they start selling more Quest 3 headsets than 2. Maybe the new exclusive Batman and Hitman games will help. But we'll see.

Abnor_Mal37d ago

Not dead, but definitely on life support from the third party devs and PC crowd who may just purchase the headset.

Although I saw someone say that the module adapter will no allow haptics and adaptive triggers to work, but I don’t know if any of that is true.

Babadook737d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Nope. Not yet.

It’s tough to say what its future will bring. There is still decent support. It seems to have sold decently too. Sony seems absent in a direct way though.

Jingsing37d ago

The issues Meta have is they are Meta. I'll never buy a Meta product, Every Quest headset they release is always a case of it's not quite there from a hardware perspective and the game content is mostly from indie devs. Selling what should be a AAA experience with C tier games is a non starter.

helicoptergirl38d ago

Meta is also Billions and billions in the hole in regards to VR. If Sony were to do what Meta has done, they'd be bankrupt

ChasterMies37d ago

Meta is losing billions on a business that theh will probably walk away from like they did the Facebook phone. Temper your expectations of your investments in Meta’s hardware.

franwex37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I do wish Sony would release more for PSVR. It’s a neat product, but they don’t support it much. It may have the same fate as the Vita.

I know it’s two completely separate products as Vita was stand alone, and PSVR is a companion to PS consoles. More 1st party support would really boost it though.

InUrFoxHole37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

They are done supporting it. They're relying on pc to do it for them. Sony even paused production because it's not selling

Abnor_Mal37d ago

They paused production to get rid of inventory, doesn’t mean the headset isn’t selling, it’s just not selling as fast as Sony thought it would. But with their half assed approach to the headset and lack of first party games, it’s not surprising, saddening, but not surprising.

Meta out here buying up all the exclusives, this is the only part of the gaming market where I feel exclusives should not be a thing since the market is “still in its infancy”.

InUrFoxHole37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

That's exactly what it means... you think people are buying a headset with min support for the price of the console? It's done man. Sadly because like the vita the tech is good and deserved better

Chocoburger37d ago

I own PS VR 1, and it is packed with tons of games to pick from in nearly every genre you could think of. While the technology may be rudimentary compared to newer headsets, it still works, and is fun to play, which is what matters most.

Its a shame that PS VR 2 is having such a slow start, because the tech behind it is brilliant. Its currently on sale for $100 USD off, that needs to be a permanent price drop.

We need more first party games on PS VR 2, the fact that Jim Ryan shut down Sony London Studios right before he left was moronic, they should have been upgrading their hit game Blood & Truth for PS VR 2! What a stupid decision.


Apple officially allows retro game emulators on the App Store

Retro gaming console emulator apps are now welcome on the Apple App Store and can even offer downloadable games.

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-Foxtrot97d ago

Nintendo is probably preparing their battle stations as we speak.

purple10197d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Yep most probably
Definitely infact

It’s just since apple got official dualsense support a while ago, (ios 14.5, it was 2 years ago now) I thought it useful to post here

fsfsxii97d ago

Lmao imagine thinking nintendo has a chance against Apple

Profchaos97d ago

The beaten quite a few prolific companies the past like universal so it's not unwinable

H997d ago

Nintendo be like: we were supposed to bully them together


10 Weirdest Game Consoles of All Time

From systems that could keep your beer cool, to oddities trying to get in on the popularity of VHS and laserdisc, you’ve got some very, very weird video game consoles out there.

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darthv7299d ago

I had the LaserActive... it was a nice collectors piece but not very practical. Especially when it came to needing recapping. I think i paid all of about $50 for the floor model from an incredible Universe back in the day. I ended up selling it many years later for $300 at the time due to it needing a new laser and the aforementioned recapping.

An honorable mention not on the list would be the VM Labs Nuon. It basically looked like any regular DVD player but it had ports on it for controllers to play specific games. one of which is still exclusive to it with Tempest 3000. It also offered nuon enhanced DVD movies with extra content not accessible by regular players.

_Decadent_Descent99d ago

Wasn't there some KFC console, or am I mistaken?

CoNn3rB99d ago

It was announced but it never actually came out as far as I know