New Portal 2 Trailer: Robots

A New Portal 2 Trailer has popped up on the net that seems to be available in German only. Was this trailer leaked early? Here is the translation:

“Cave Johnson here. Fact is, the key to succesful team-work is reliance. Our studies show, you can’t trust humans. The solution: Robots! Then, the developers get fired and better robots are being built. Following, the robots go through some reliance-tests to get a basis of respect to each other. Strenghtened through the simulated bonds of artificial friendship. Inspiring… At the end, we test this reliability… BINGO! The robots worked together for 6 more seconds. Good work robots!”

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Lucreto2975d ago

I will wait for the English version.

kcuthbertson2975d ago

How does this bullshit get approved? How many german speaking people go this website? Seriously N4G...get your stuff together.

LionheartAce2975d ago

Nein! Sie lernen Deutsch und es mögen!

(No! You will learn German and like it!)
LOL. Google translator.

Cat2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

In a month? Roughly 100,000 German speaking people visit N4G.

I appreciate the concern over untranslated content, but this video is here because it has only been uploaded (possibly leaked?) in German, and is not available in English. If you'd rather not see it, I guess you can wait!

Edit: English now available and trailer updated!

dumahim2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Here ya go. English.
Another pretty good commercial.
I wonder why they're focusing on the co-op so much for the commercials.

I also think it's funny that this seems to suggest the robot with the roll cage is an earlier, inferior model.