Crysis 2: Graphics-Galore - 5.120 x 2.880 pixels

Need some new wallpapers or just want to look at a maxed out Crysis 2 in Mega-High-Res? Here's your chance. Check the link and get blown away by these High-Res-Screens.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi4264d ago

Crysis 2 on pc looks good but crysis 1's tropical environment showed off its lighting and water effects better I think.

Jamaicangmr4264d ago

Yeah thats my general belief as well. This one looks good but Crysis 1 was a visual masterpiece. Crysis 2 has was way too many short cuts specially the textures and some reflections. The water effects in Crysis 1 were some of the best to this date. While Crysis 2's water effects are great, they are a step down from those in Crysis 1.

One thing that remains though is the less than memorable gameplay that the Crysis series is perfect at.

just_looken4264d ago

agreed my gtx 285's are still sleeping when the consoles are dx10 and have a 1gb graphics card then the pc can shine until then bf3? i doubt it c1 still the best looking we have oh and some new rts's.

Raendom4264d ago

WOW. Those are huge! I'm on 1280x720 monitor and it only fills the corner tree lol! The PC that ran this must be a beast.