Rumor: Valve wanted $1 million advance for Half-Life 2 for Mac

Why doesn't Valve care about Mac gaming? Gabe Newell says "there's never any follow through on any of the things [Apple says] they're going to do." Inside Mac Gaming has a slightly different interpretation on that, claiming that Valve's terms for bringing Half-Life 2 to the Mac OS involved a $1 million advance payment from whomever was handling the port, a big buy-in for a game that would sell exclusively to the Mac gamer demographic.

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Captain Tuttle4029d ago

$1 million is a rounding error for these companies.

ShiftyLookingCow4030d ago

looks like the rumor does have some substance. Apologies to dbzboy and News Bot for failing those stories. The first one just looked very suspect.

Back to subject: if true, when HL2 came in 2004, it was the most anticipated PC game of all time, so its not as ridiculous as it sounds. Seeing the arrogance in Mac vs PC ads, I would like to think they deserved it.

BrotherNick4029d ago

Me! I only play HL2 and the mods, and many people I know who have PC games only play that.

WilliamRLBaker4030d ago

"there's never any follow through on any of the things [Apple says] they're going to do."

last i checked any time they said they'd do a thing they did it...

Barreldragon004029d ago

The new mac with the intel chip can install XP and play all the windows games and still have the safety of a mac when going on line.

ShiftyLookingCow4029d ago

what about TF2 and CS:Source?

Bonsai12144029d ago

you can run anything on bootcamped xp you can run on a windows computer, barring system requirements. for instance, i can't play hl2 on my macbook because it requires a dedicated video card, which the macbook series lacks. runs starcraft like a dream though.. haha

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