From Morrowind to Skyrim; Things That Should Carry Over.

Morrowind holds a special place in a lot of our hearts and with Skyrim's release date on its way we would like to see some things carry over. From the diverse locations and the unique atmosphere Morrowind grabbed us and never let go, this is what we want to see in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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RedDead2821d ago

Good article, honestly Skyrim is doing what I hoped Oblvion would do, just stick to the same principle, give a better combat system and please please make the Cities open again. Not separate cells.

Balt 2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I have an incredible PC capable of playing anything thrown at it at max settings -- but I hate PC gaming. Mouse and keyboard just sucks to me. It's almost a chore to actually play a game on PC. Games, to me, should be immersive. They should pull you in and require little effort from the player to stay connected.

Unless it's a motion game -- Those I highly reccomend to everybody for the health benefits alone.

But when I'm playing at my desk, mouse over here and fingers tapping over here -- It's just counterproductive to what I want out of a gaming experience. It's an uncomfortable experience when it should be anything but. Games should be relaxing and enjoyable. They should be played a leisure.

With that said, I don't own an xbox 360 and I'm pretty sure the PS3 version is going to be tits given the developers track record with the hardware. We'll see, but it looks like I'm gonna be sitting this one out.

Edit for CernaML

I tried that -- It didn't work. Infact, I had to do a reboot/reinstall of windows 7 becuse something happened to my usb drivers after the install. I could get everything to work except the right stick for looking up and down and side to side. I ended up giving up.

CernaML2821d ago

Because, you know, you can't use a PS3 controller on the PC.

Merivigian2821d ago

Have you tried just a regular USB plug up controller? I use the "Game Elements Retractable Plug& Play PC Game Controller". I use it to play emulators mostly, but I'm pretty sure it could deal with a game like Skryim, considering it has all the buttons of a 360 controller. The controller I use, you just map the buttons and then play.. pretty comfortable too. It goes for $5 online.

Or instead of using a controller or even a mouse and keyboard, have you tried a mouse and nunchuck? The mouse has buttons on the side that would act like the face buttons of a controller. With the USB, you can map the buttons to what you want. I bought the scorch and it's pretty fun to use on the 360 and on the PC. Just like everything else though, there is a small learning curve but it's just because it's a new controller type. Although that option is more expensive, say $80.

1st image is the USB Recoil Pad
2nd image is the Scorch 360, works with PC(Nunchuck+mouse)

kramun2820d ago

A big post about how you don't like pc gaming. No one cares Balt.

Bigpappy2821d ago

They just need to get back to exploration to find the best gear, factions that are trying to undercut each other, and for chist sake get ride of the horrid 'auto AI leveling'. I remember seeing NPC in Morrowind who were so intimidating when I was a scrub running the street doing handy man work. I would just look at their armor and know that I am not suppost to fuck with that guy until I gain some levels and cash to get that kind of equipment.

I remember exploring the lanscape and ran into this guy who asked me to kill him in a fight so he could die with honor. I drew my sword, the guy sung his, then I saw the reload screen. I knew right there that I had to start working on all my skill,weapons and armor sets before even speaking to this guy again. When the solders called me "scum" I wanted to put my sword to them, but just by looking at them, I knew it would be suicide. So, I swallowed my saliva and moved on.

There were no moments like that in Oblivion. That is why I lost interest and never finished it. Morrowind was much bigger, and I put over 200hr in that game (including all the DLC).

femshep2820d ago

ohhhh levitation and no not because of the levitation glitch.....and have the paint brushes float in mid air again i loved building bridges with those =p