Top 10 Most Atmospheric Games Of The Decade

Around this time of year, and especially this time of decade, a lot of people will start compiling lists of video games. However, they all seem to be concerned with such trivial matters as which game is the best, or the most influential, or similar things like that. Instead of something like that, heres a list of the top ten most atmospheric games of the decade the games which make us feel like a part of the worlds we are shown, the ones which draw us into the imagination of the designers and only let us go once the game is complete.

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digitalivan2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

My top favorites are BioShock and Heavy Rain. I wonder why Heavy Rain didn't make the list. That rainy intro made me drop my jaw. The unique atmosphere kept me immersed through the whole game.
EDIT: and also Resident Evil 4.

imvix2979d ago

Dont think anything comes close to Stalker COP complete as long as atmosphere is concerned.

It uses the following mod as part of the package:

Havent seen any game do weather like this.

LunaticBrandon2979d ago

I don't think a single game with preset weather for its levels comes close to that and CoP is all dynamic.

BattleAxe2979d ago

The Darkness has more atmosphere than any of those games in that list. I still don't get why people think Half Life 2 is so great, it was a really bland game with good graphics and physics that could have been condensed to around 10 hours because it was soooo drawn out.

Ranshak2979d ago

Nothing Compares to COP Complete imo.

kramun2979d ago

I've gotta agree about Stalker, the games (the first game and also COP) were so atmospheric. I don't think a single game comes close, nothing I've ever played has filled me with dread like those games have.

The first time you go underground and encounter a bloodsucker......brrr.....that moment stays in your mind forever.

jony_dols2978d ago

Alan Wake, Resi 4 & Amnesia.

shadow27972978d ago

That mod looks fantastic. Color me impressed.

MaxXAttaxX2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

They're all shooters. Almost all are FPS.

Would it have hurt them to put a couple of non-Western games there?

This is an Opinion Piece, not an "article".

RankFTW2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

MY personal favorite atmospheric game from the last decade is MGS3 Snake Eater Subsistence. But System Shock 2 is still number one on every list but that came out in 1999 so it doesn't count.

paintsville2978d ago

Allan Wake and Dead Space should definately be on this list.

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AndrewRyan2978d ago

Atmosphere, not graphics my man.

Brewski0072979d ago

Bioshock and Heavy Rain are both great and totally immersive.
Also I would add Amnesisa - The Dark Descent. That game is probably the scariest game i have ever played... even watching youtube videos of people freaking out is hillarious.

Pintheshadows2978d ago

I played Amnesia with a Paratrooper and a few other guys once. we all pooed ourselves. Does that mean I'm as hard as a Paratrooper?


i recently watched a playthrough of Amnesia on youtube and got freaked out even though i was just watching. i felt that adrenaline rush, man!

BlackTar1872978d ago

i real good one is Prenumbra Overture for scare the crap out of you games.

well it scared me with 7.1 headphones

Winning2979d ago

Red Dead pulled me into the West. Especially at night when you see some people sitting by a campfire. You join them and they tell you a story or something.

LastDance2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Silent Hill 2?
Shadow of the Colossus?

MaxXAttaxX2978d ago

Not Western enough apparently.

Gameolio2978d ago

Definitely agree on those choices

Darkfocus2978d ago

my top 10 is
STALKER (whole series)
System shock 2
Metroid Prime
Amnesia The Dark Decent
The Witcher
Demons Souls

XxPURExX2978d ago

Demons Souls and The Witcher had a awesome atmosphere

nskrishna22978d ago

Max Payne numero uno...for good reason too...till date it remains my fav game ever...

sourav932978d ago

Off topic...but does anyone else see the resemblance between the story picture and a section from the Killzone 2/3 map salamun market? Or is it just me?

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mc-fine2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Max Payne was awesome. Love the theme music. Such a great game.

Istanbull2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Shadow of the Colossus
Heavy Rain
Metroid Prime 1
Uncharted 2
Half Life 2
Bioshock 1

Close thread/

ShabbaRanks2979d ago

AVP 2 ? ...

Alot of people forget just how good this game ones for its day ...

TheDivine2978d ago

nice id add alan wake best atmoshere ever.

Queefy_B2979d ago

Glad to see stalker there but should have been higher.

aviator1892979d ago

Good list, but I definitely would put Alan Wake on that list.

AntiHeroComplex2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

deus ex 1 bitches. idc if its not in this decade. That game surpasses time and reality as we know it.

@ Disagree: Reveal yourself mofo. Ill break your legs.

danielle0072979d ago

Wasn't deus ex released in 2000? Unless they're going from 2001 to 2011.. Which I guess they could bee..

Danielmccue2979d ago

Dude lighten up, stop being so aggressive.

AntiHeroComplex2978d ago

Sorry if i hurt your feelings kid. too bad idc about it.

room4142978d ago

I disagreed with you twice. Whatcha gonna do about it bitch? Lol

AntiHeroComplex2978d ago


Excellent. At this point we can proceed to take this situation to a whole new level. A neutral meeting place must be arranged, where we can discuss the nature of gaming as well as which games had best atmosphere of the decade. After a constructive discussion i suppose the best course of action would be to beat your ass till its purple and send you home wailing like a little baby.

room4142978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Well you know that's never gonna happen. Meeting to fight over internet comments but keep acting like a tough guy lol.

If you're ever in Vancouver look me up though it would be fun. #414-344 E. Hastings St.

Yes that's my real address and no i'm not the least bit concerned about giving it out on the internet. You would probably piss yourself just walking through my neighborhood.

You have a good evening kid.

Pintheshadows2978d ago

Haha, one day I might come find you in Vancouver. "Hey, you know that time you gave your address out on N4G".

Don't worry I won't really.

Or will I.

Nah, plane tickets are expensive from England. :)

antz11042978d ago

LOL, AntiHero got OWNED.

BlackTar1872978d ago

Im just gonna LOL at the tuff areas in vancouver. Really ;)

room4142977d ago

Of course. Just like any big city.

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Legion2978d ago

I will add a disagree to that post for you. (and give you a ball-peen hammer and you still are just talk)

Loved Deus Ex but it didn't rank in the atmosphere department.

I would have had to put Condemned and Alan Wake on the list. Condemned ranked right up there with F.E.A.R. on the shock meter... thinking every second something was going to jump out and attack you. Alan Wake just oozed atmosphere. Why is Half Life 2 on the list? And Fallout 3? Really?? Atmosphere???

An arcade game that should be on the list is Limbo. And I would think of putting Shadow of the Colossus on that list.

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