Go! Gaming Giant: Beastly Review

From the review:

"If you don’t already know, Beastly—based on a book of the same name—is a reimagining of the old Beauty & The Beast fairytale. You know, because apparently nobody in the movie industry has any ideas left, so they’re just remaking everything that was ever remotely popular. Until the game showed up on my doorstep, I had actually never heard about this movie, and upon doing research, I can’t understand why it exists. But more importantly, I can’t understand why this game exists. I mean, it’s a game based on a movie that’s based on a book that’s based on a fairytale. Even the worst movie tie-ins suddenly seem better after playing this mess."

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MsmackyM2981d ago

Great review sounds awesome.

Murgatroyd72980d ago

Ha ha, I'm glad to see you all agree with the rave review!

Rampaged Death2981d ago

After watching Gameinformer play all the way through it. I 100% agree with this review !