Digital Foundry Tech Comparison: Crysis 2 PC

Has Crytek "sold out" to the console audience with its first triple-format release? Or is Crysis 2's new vision for the franchise a necessary shift, fundamental to the continued existence of the world-renowned German studio?

Some say that the company's "Maximum Game" ethos has been compromised by building something that simply must run well on five-year-old console hardware, while others point to the technological leaps being made in the core functionality of the new CryEngine 3 - features which are more refined and enhanced in the higher-end graphical presets exclusive to the PC game.

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Oldman1002975d ago

Game looks awesome on pc

Shuffle Jesus approves

starchild2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

That was a good analysis. I have played the PC version as well as the 360 version and there are many advantages on the PC, most of which DF laid out in the article.

On a decent gaming rig Crysis 2 has:

1. Much, much better framerate.

2. Basically zero geometry or texture pop-in.

3. Far superior anti-aliasing.

4. Higher quality shadows.

5. More dynamic light sources.

6. More dynamic shadows (in places where there are none on the consoles).

7. Shadow draw distance is much further on PC.

8. Much higher resolutions.

9. Better quality lighting in terms of how light bounces off objects.

10. Higher precision effects like depth of field, SSAO, and per object motion blur.

11. Buildings, trees and other objects in the distance are much clearer on PC.

So while the console versions of Crysis 2 are clearly raising the graphical bar on the consoles, the PC version is quite a step above them.

Darkfocus2975d ago

those are just the typical things that are better in all multiplats on PC though...

evrfighter2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

what was with the slow motion? had to keep the pc version in sync with the ps3 version?

it's no secret that higher fps means the game progresses much more smoothly and more faster and imo. They should have showed this instead of putting the pc version in slow-mo down to keep it in sync.

Wish Crytek would pull a bioware and release a High def texture pack for my pc :(

Gran Touring2975d ago

@evrfighter for comparison reasons. The video output is @30fps, and if they were both shown at their native speeds, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference in framerate

kaveti66162975d ago

that sucks balls.

I was expecting real time reflections from a crytek game.

also, as far as copy pasting, crysis 1 had the same palm trees on the island over and over.

Pandamobile2975d ago

Wtf are you complaining about. Virtually every game in existence uses that. You can't do reflections in a game without a huge performance hit.

This is is called cube/reflection mapping. Every reflective surface in a certain area has a certain cube map applied to it which provides the reflection.

Denethor_II2975d ago

I'll download this from Steam when it's cheap.

theonlylolking2975d ago

The mods will look better than the actual game like in crysis 1. Crysis 2 still looks better than the console versions if you have a good gaming PC.

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