Crysis 2 Let's Play

WikiGameGuides user RvBFreak is nearly complete with his Let's Play of Crysis 2. The playthrough contains commentary and is a great way to experience the game if you are interested, but the $60 price tag is too much.

This Let's Play will go through the whole game start to finish. Check it out now!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2981d ago

I'm a little more than halfway through. Story does little to fill console gamers in, and apart from controller lag it's been pretty fun. Kinda reminds me of metal gear with the enemy awareness meter. Shoot someone, "PROPHET HAS BROKEN THROUGH THE PARAMETER! KILL THAT %^&^%##$", wait ten seconds "False alarm" LOL.

Also apart from enemies not comprehending the fact that they cant walk through walls I've only had two glitches. Once a guy ran passed me without moving his legs and once my silencer started floating around my gun.

Been playing on Super Soldier. No cake walk.

josephayal2981d ago

Amazing game but not Perfect

Wizziokid2981d ago

the online needs fixed asap, I was just playing Capture the relay and the enemy team kept scoring points without even taking our relay, they had +8 within 10 seconds... that's worse than COD...

rvbfreak2981d ago

Hey everyone, thanks for the approval! This is a pretty sweet game. Yeah, SuperSoldier was too much for me, so I played on a lower setting.