Shift 2 Mandatory PS3 HDD Installation Size Revealed; Isn’t Pretty

The Shift 2: Unleashed mandatory installation size for the PS3 has been revealed and the size won’t please players who plan on picking up the racer on Sony’s platform.


The size for install is 4243 MB

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MaximusPrime2983d ago

So what?

Mandatory installs are great. Better than multiple discs and long loading times...

Ve3tro2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Why do they always have to be mandatory though, it's becoming annoying having to delete content from my HDD just to play a game.

If I want to play a game I don't want the hassle of having to delete content from my HDD to have enough space to play it.

Installs should be optional.

MaximusPrime2983d ago

True but anyway, Shift 2 is not my cup of tea.
Didn't like the first one.

captain-obvious2983d ago

Sony should freckin do something about this shit
i mean i got like 40 gigs free on my PS3 and while thats enough to put alot of games on it
i don't want to fill it up with time
you know we need space for PSN games, Demos , Music and movies and what ever i want to store on the damned thing

i hope PS4 doesn't have the same damn problem
because that'll make them look really bad

a_bro2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"i mean i got like 40 gigs free on my PS3 and while thats enough to put alot of games on it"

then buy a 500gb hdd for $50. PROBLEM SOLVED.

better to have an install than your Blu-Ray drive to explode.

ChronoJoe2983d ago

500GB HDD = $60

Buy one instead of a game sometime :S

Installs aren't optional because bluray has slower read speeds than DVD and the developers want the game to run the same on both consoles. Reading from bluray vs DVD the PS3 will always come up with longer load times. Installs are mandatory for the sake of parity across those 2 platforms.

Anon19742983d ago

I still don't get the big deal. PC games have always required installs. We've been installing games for decades. On the 360, you don't have to install - but it's better if you do. Harddrive installs are just another tool that developers can use. Some do, some don't.

This shouldn't be an issue and isn't an issue for the vast majority of PS3 owners. I see people like Captain Obvious below complaining about this, but his posting history shows him constantly advocating for PC games which, guess what...all have mandatory installs.

Frankly, I'm glad developers have this option on the PS3. We'll never know how much better games like Halo Reach or Gears of War could have been if the 360 had this additional resource. At least developers have the choice.

MysticStrummer2983d ago

@ChronoJoe - There won't be parity anyway. There never is. There are always at least miniscule differences. Funny how when the 360 has a slight advantage it's a big deal here, but when comparing C2 to KZ3 those same differences are ignored by the 360 crowd. Better framerate with a higher rez, better textures, better AA... suddenly meaningless for some reason. OT - Shift 2 won't get my money anyway. I just looked at these comments to see all the complaints concerning something that doesn't bother me at all. N4G never lets me down.

truehunter2983d ago

I got 500GB of space so im not worry. After all it only cost me 60$ for 500GB.

blakstarz2983d ago

That's why it called upgrading, I don't know people complain about install, you can upgrade your hard drive people on the PS3, so there is no need for anyone to delete contents to compensate space.
I just installed a 500GIG WD Black Scorpio drive in my 60GIG and got it for 55 on Amazon, so its worth doing.

I_find_it_funny2983d ago

REVEALED? was this a secret?

why is this even news?

Wenis2983d ago

I'm just curious as to what the hell the point of all that space on a bluray disc is used for if there are still huge mandatory installs to be done. makes having bluray irrelevant almost.

Reibooi2983d ago


Come on reall? We are still getting retarded news like this? This isn't a big install it's about = to what most games use up and it's not a big deal if you have a new PS3 and 90% of those who don't upgraded their hard drive long ago.

Why don't people every complain about the fact that you HAVE to install on the 360 so it doesn't sound like a jet engine taking off and those installs are far larger in most cases.

RedDragan2983d ago

6 Minutes?


Oh... just enough time to make a nice cuppa as it installs then. Perfect, I get back to my sofa as the intro starts. Long live installs!

MaxXAttaxX2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

That's not true. There are games that are optional or no install at all.

Tigan2983d ago

You are obsolutely correct. Installs SHOULD be optional. If the 360 version isn't mandatory then why the hell should the ps3 be so??

zag2983d ago

Bluray drives are faster than DVD drives.

The PS3 drive is 2x drive so that be the same speed as a 16x or 20x DVD drive.

Because a DVD drive is only 4 gigs of data at 20x it'll be written in 3-4 mins, a 2X Blueray drive will read that amount of data from a br disk in the same amount of time.

It's purely the size of the data on the disk that makes it look like blueray drives are slow, 25gig compared to reading 4gig.

aaronobst2983d ago

what size HDD do you have?

Boody-Bandit2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )


Mandatory installs like these are on multiplat titles are just the easy way out to cut cost and development time.

The 360 was the lead platform for the console version. It's not like the 360 doesn't have some games that require them or come on multiple disc like Forza 3, which does both.

Though I do agree some that say these mandatory installs are a little annoying. What cracks me up about this particular company is all the rumors last year about EA saying the PS3 would be the lead platform or at the very least developed side by side across platforms on their titles from here on out.

Either that was more BS hit me up tabloid journalism (AGAIN) or EA decided they would rather take the easy and cheaper way out. Somtimes I feel like these developers and publishers laugh in our faces. Thinking we will just line up and purchase anything they feel like tossing our way.

Just look at all the DLC planned ages before the games are even released today. It's like these scumbag companies short change up just to try and milk their games to death. It's a shame how many people break out their wallets and fall in line to do this very thing.

Most of Sony's exclusives don't require a lengthy, if at all, install. I don't see why four years in 3rd party companies still require them.

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tommy-cronin2983d ago

Yeah but for every single damn game?

MrDead2983d ago

no install for killzone 2/3 and uncharted 2

TVippy2983d ago

Wrong, MrDead. They install themselves, but "secretly". For example, Uncharted creates a 1GB file on your HDD.

MrDead2983d ago

wow a whole 1000mb that you dont notice installing, I stand corrected this is huge.

why are you so interested with the PS3 from your comments all you have to say are negative things. Are you what thay call a fanboy / trolling, why do you feel so threatened by another system?

QuodEratDemonstrandm2983d ago

Don't bother giving the site the minute or less it would take to read the article. The install is only 4243mb.

TBM2983d ago

OMG 4gigs my world will end/s

saladthieves2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

There is nothing wrong with mandatory installs, but sometimes I get no benefits from them. For example, I once had Assassin's Creed II for PS3, which requires a mandatory installation of some 2.x GB. The load times were just as equal as my Xbox 360's counterpart.
However once I copied the 360's entire game to the hard drive, the Xbox 360 version of Assassin's Creed 2 loaded significantly faster and performed better as well. (The PS3 version froze my PS3 for more than 6 times).

I could think of only one situation where mandatory installs might piss people: the case where you have say a 60 or 80 GB HDD, with lots of contents, downloads, as well as other installs. You'd run out of space and be forced to either simply delete some content, or upgrade your hard drive (good thing Sony thought of this ahead and made it optional).


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Vherostar2983d ago

My problem is the fact we getting a new NFS game every 6 months!! It's getting ridiculous now..

M_Prime2983d ago

well they are NFS brand names but different companies work on them.. Hot Pursuit was CRITERION who made BURNOUT..

SHIFT 2 is SLIGHTLY STUDIOS and they are completely different games..

can't say the same for COD fanchise now..

Kushan2983d ago

Back in my day, one of the advantages of owning a Console over a PC was that you didn't have to install games.

madpuppy2983d ago

well, then, sell your present generation consoles and go grab an N64 and enjoy!

TVippy2983d ago

LOL, no installs at all on Xbox is better, no?

Krimson-Rage2983d ago

Because there was no mandatory hard drive to install to on some original 360 models - is terrible, yes?

Ahasverus2983d ago

Yeah 'cause 40min of waiting is better than 10 seconds of disc swapping ;)

showtimefolks2983d ago

i have 320gb of free space

500gb hd is not that expensive

madpuppy2983d ago

@MaximusPrime, Didn't you know?

Large installs are the end of the world for most people.

There is always some clown that has to make a big deal out of nothing.

Prototype2983d ago


*jumps off a bridge*

zeddy2983d ago

i dont get the problem, i install every game on the 360 and play it from the hardrive. i would have done the same thing for god of war's 40 gigs if it improves performance. get a bigger hdd or hush up.

Aarix2983d ago

Cause a 360 game is put in and go. When I had a ps3 it killed me to wait while it was installing and I listened to the music it made tortured me.

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kookie2983d ago ShowReplies(3)
hennessey862983d ago

30 minutes and it was well worth the wait so i dont see installs as a problem.

Kishin2983d ago

troll article made by xbot, nuff said.

creamydingle2983d ago

ˆI'm with dumb and dumber

2983d ago
Miths2983d ago

"PlayStation 3 owners who are planning on picking up the racer will need to wait more than at least six minutes for it to install."

Nooo! However will those poor, poor people survive the horror?

What a ridiculous article.

itsmyyard2983d ago

The article is just stating the facts, 4.5GB is a big size. Would you rather have them ranting in the style that you're doing with your comment?

btk2983d ago

4.5GB is huge for XB360 owners. PS3 owners - if I need more space then I changed the drive for a 500GB drive.

So far on my 350GB drive I have movies, game install data for a *lot* of games, and not even half of the drive used yet.

And 20 minutes for a once off install is really not an issue. If you play PC games it takes a lot longer.

dredgewalker2983d ago

It's so easy to upgrade the PS3's harddrive and the hdd's are very cheap these days. This is just plain nitpicking over something that's easily solved. I also prefer installs since it takes a load off the bluray drive which is more expensive to replace. I'm used to installing games on my pc so this isn't really a big thing and more like the norm.

MaximusPrime2983d ago

Begin install procedure,

enter kitchen, switch on kettle, pour boiled water into mug, add coffee or teabag in, add sugar, add milk, remove teabag, stir, take cup and return to gaming. Bingo you begin the game.

Damn times flew by.

saladthieves2983d ago

I honestly don't see what the big deal is. PC gamers do this ALL THE TIME, and they don't go around bitching about it.

TVippy2983d ago

I'll explain it to you. Consoles aren't supposed to be like PCs by definition. They're made for games and simplicity. Insert your game and start playing, that's how it's meant to be done. PS3 just can do that. It's a PC that you bought.

saladthieves2983d ago


Eh...clearly you don't seem to get the point. People here (like the writer) are not annoyed about the fact that the PS3 is behaving like a PC (providing mandatory/optional installs) before running a game. People (like the writer) hate how large and especially how long it takes to install. It's the WAITING TIME that is bugging them.

Now the fact that some of the PS3's games require mandatory installs isn't a big deal at all. Find something to do during those minutes. You have an Xbox? Switch it on and play it while you wait for the PS3 to install, make a sandwich, or in the case of heavy rain, follow the on-screen instructions on learning how to make the origami figure (which was a very clever distraction!!)

On the contrary my friend, consoles are becoming more and more like PCs! This generation's consoles now sport multi-core processors, bigger RAM memory, input/output devices and wait for it...hard drives! Just because they are consoles doesn't mean they DON'T have to be similar to their PC counterparts.