Explodemon! Review: Classic is Resurrected & Redefined

Jon Ireson writes: "Explodemon! is a game that makes me say to the world, “Please make more games like this”. It has a fun concept that is very replay-able and never gets stale. The most impressive part about the game is definitely how intuitive the controls and gameplay mechanics are. Gamers old and new will be able to pick this up and won't find a problem realizing what is needed of them. From the start you feel invited to go on a journey full of explosive action in entertaining environments that look great."

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user94220772978d ago

Got this the other day; great game. Well worth the fee

SpaceSquirrel2978d ago

Playing through and enjoying it. Explodemon deserves the acclaim.

headhunter2978d ago

awesome game great write up

RockmanII72978d ago

He looks like Metal Man and Iron Man had a baby

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