G4 Previews Haze


"Haze is currently "exclusive" to the PlayStation 3 and will most likely stay that way, but who knows in this topsy-turvy industry. Regardless of what platform(s) it ends up on, it looks pretty good.

G4 spoke with David Doak of Free Radical all about Haze. He talks about Nectar, the drug that augments the soldiers in the game, and the company that uses it: Mantel.

He also has some praise for the PlayStation 3 and assures us that the game will release in 2007 with co-op and multiplayer."

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paracardium4081d ago

Excellent game and a must have.

bluebrad19744081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

A game wouldn't have to be very good to be considered excellent on the ps3. The ps3's library sucks when compared to the 360's.

To all of you little sony minions that disagree: The 360 has more AA titles than there are total games period for the ps3. So it's not an opinion, it's a fact that the ps3's library sucks compared to the 360's.

superdude4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

wow, why am i not surprised someone like you would start a flame war when someone in THEIR OPINION says a game looks excellence, honestly what posses you to do something like that, yes the 360 may have some better games at the moment but the 360 has also been out a full year longer than the ps3, what did the 360 have a year into its life?nothing, ps3 isnt even a year old yet. oh, and you asked for that with you idiotic comment

DeadIIIRed4080d ago

3/5 of your 360 games were bombs as well.

PopEmUp4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

bluebrad1974 you said "The 360 has more AA titles than there are total games period for the ps3" I agree with you but did you know that 360 have use all it fuel before running a full speed it like while on high speed the fuel ran out. What I mean is 360 have use 90% of it power consider to the ps3 who only has used 30% of it power so let see which one die first

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Jinxstar4081d ago

You know this game looks amazing but with all the other FPS's coming to the PS3 to include

Orange Box

Just to name a few.

I am gonna wait and see... To me it looks, meh, story wise... If its a killer app I will buy it but I have so many FPS's I am looking forward to already its kinda hard to say. I honestly want to say it kinda reminds me of Halo. I am not a fan of halo. I bought Halo 3 and was not as impressed as many people. Its kinda like PGR I have also never been a huge fan... Only racing game I am looking forward to atm is Burnout.

bluebrad19744081d ago

I agree, Haze looks generic, especially the vehicle sequence in the video.

Chug4080d ago

Dude, just STFU! No one wants to hear your B.S.

beavis4play4080d ago

at some point in the story, your char. will switch sides in the conflict. i think that is a great plot twist and the story appears to have potential besides this. what with nectar, and the large professional military company fighting the rebels protecting their land.

Almighty4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

LoL. Looks pretty good? The official images of this game barely look "next-gen". Also, this is another Halo clone. Expect reviews of 7 for this one.

fopums4081d ago

I really want to know what part of haze is the halo clone.

is it the guns? because Halo wasnt the first game to have those....

Jinxstar4081d ago

@ fopums.

To me its just the suit they wear. Thats the only real thing that makes it kinda resemble Halo... It is by no means a clone though. I however really hate the suit in halo =P

Real Gambler4081d ago

Almighty, you sound like Bloodmask : )

Proxy4081d ago

"Halo clone" and "barely nex-gen" in the same comment...

Am I wrong? LOL back at ya!

MRMagoo1234080d ago

what r u talking about who on earth would wanna clone such a crappy game as halo why make a last gen game on the ps3 when we dont have to put up with them i know the xbox is unable to play next gen games and all but us ps3 owners dont have to wait for ur xbox 720 to come out before we can enoy them now ill post some pics on here when im playing this game so u can see next gen gaming or maybe u have a friend with a brain that has a ps3 then u can see it first hand the game looks great and im sure itll be in HD rather than 640p

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sonarus4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

UT3 is nxt yr. Orange box is a maybe for me was never a big half life fan but did play a 1 or 2 on pc. COD4 already played the beta on xbox. From the beta alone i have 2 say am not to siked if i get the game it would jst be for the single player experience and thats prob a rental. Haze needs to get excellent ratings for me to plunge my 60 dollars in there. In some parts especially the rebel scenes the graphics look kinda weak IMO only the jungle seems to have nice graphics. Its not all about graphics and i like the whole mantel thing plus the 4 player coop is nice too. In general they have to do a LOT to convince me to get a fps there are way 2 many fps's

wangdiddy824081d ago

gettin haze, uncharted, and rachet and clank.. Might get cod4 but I will see about that game..

bluebrad19744081d ago

COD4 will be better than all of those games combined.

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