New Dead Island Screenshots Are A Tease

HBG Writes: "While we had a chance to check out Dead Island in action behind closed doors, the rest of the world sadly has not. However, one thing gamers keep getting is awesome Dead Island screenshots. While these shots show off nothing too substantial, they are enough to tease you and hold you over until the next bunch are released."

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Hitman07692982d ago

Hell yeah, I am hearing great things about this game from those who have played it too!

Queefy_B2981d ago

I hope its not a lfd clone and an actual horror game.

MoeThirteen2982d ago

Dang, those zombies look pretty good, or bad -- you know what I mean!

Fallouts2981d ago

im surprised they still havnt shown gameplay, little nervous about that.. been hearing about this game forever now but at least it seems like its not going back under a rock.

Kreyg2981d ago

Saw it at GDC. It looks REALLY good.

Fallouts2981d ago

oh so they are showing game play, and it looks good? thats great.. i wanted this game since i first heard about it a few years back when it was supposed to be exclusive for the 360 but it looks like they dropped the ball on that, i just wonder about ms sometimes....