Homefront Sells 850,000 Units Worldwide Week One

THQ's recent shooter, Homefront is off to a good start. Following reports from THQ of 375,000 sales on day one in the Americas, week one sales for the game reached 850,000 units worldwide according to VGChartz estimates. Roughly two out of every three units sold were in the Americas in the initial week.

The game also sold around two thirds of the total on Microsoft's X360 in its first week of availability with the remainder on PS3 and PC. Despite generally mediocre reviews, Homefront has managed to outperform recent titles such as Bulletstorm, Dragon Age II and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in week one and should pass 2 million units over the summer.

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movements2769d ago

So it's actually succeeded even with all the negative reviews... Just goes to show... The mp is good though, and that must be what's attracting the masses.

Kamikaze1352769d ago

It's good to know reviews won't carry as much weight as people give them credit for.

JackBNimble2769d ago

I'm sure the reviews did hurt sales, who's to say the game wouldn't have sold over a million if it had good scores?

Dramscus2769d ago

I think the reviewers reviewed this game poorly. It has excellent sp that ends abruptly. DLC and a sequel are already announced.
Besides it's the original story and setting that people are interested in. The length and mp are all arbitrary.

Just goes to show people want more than generic usa vs russia for no reason.

nnotdead2768d ago


the sp was bad. it starts off with a well done HL type of beginning that had me thinking that it really was going to be a deep well thought out game. that changed 5 seconds right after that thought. after that it turns into an 80's B action movie. i was waiting for Reb Brown to shown up, and gun down all the Koreans while yelling like the man beast he is.

i would have been more okay with this if they had polished it a bit better. they sold the game as a sp experiences, and it turns out their focus was really mp. the mp is pretty good though, but i don't know if its good enough to pull anyone away from their current mp of choice.

movements2769d ago

I'm not sure that's a good thing, Kami.. Because if pubs and devs realize their games sell doesn't matter how bad the review scores, they'll pay no attention to innovation and creating something that's worthwhile.

You must know that at the end of the day it's money they care about, and if they can make it without effort - they'd be happy.

I hope reviews get all the more important, so developers don't shove trash down our throats.

Kamikaze1352769d ago

On the other hand, developers won't be afraid to take chances and more risks with their games, rather than make it streamlined.

Kamikaze1352769d ago

Btw, isn't it mostly mainstream games that people complain about that always get highly praised on websites? If that's the case, then developers should make all of their games like Call of Duty

Blaze9292769d ago

pretty crazy if true...sadly, I contributed to that number. Ulgh what a terrible game this was.

gamingdroid2768d ago

Why was it a terrible game?

bumnut2768d ago

Its not terrible, just not that great, just average.

The way the helicopters fly is stupid too, they just don't look right.

PrimordialSoupBase2768d ago

First week will probably be better than Crysis 2's. That saddens me.

Crytek really should have put out a singleplayer demo.

Jonah_Reese2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I haven't played the game maybe I'll rent it but if these numbers are real, pretty insane and if it was bad I hope they improve it. Since they already confirmed Homefront 2 AND 3 being to be in production.

Pozzle2768d ago

The heavy advertising probably helped too. I swear I must have seen it being advertised on nearly every big game website before its release.

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Ahasverus2769d ago

That's... a shame, hail the generic shooter, let the true games die! (Okami comes to mind)

gorebago2769d ago

Exactly - when awesome new ips like demon souls do well, i'm happy - when shit games succeed we lose

airhorn952768d ago

So u don't like FPS so there automatically ***t that makes sense... I hate sports games but that doesn't mean I want them to A) Fail B) Instantly say they suck bc its not my genre & C) Claim that "we" lose when they succeed (Bc I dont assume my opinion is more right then anyone else at least when it comes to video games)

bumnut2768d ago

I like fps games but this is not a good one. Just because someone does not like this fps it does not mean they hate all of them.

gorebago2768d ago

I primarily play fps games and if this game wasn't hyped up or was as is and amazing, i'd probably enjoy it more. Even though it was short, it pained me to continie but I soldiered on. It's so generic and stupid. I replayed half life 2 ep 2 after getting rid of this game to wipe the mediocre splooge from my brain and that game retailed for $20 when it came out. I used demon souls as an example of a game tht came out of nowhere and left huge impressions on the industry. So good can come out of new ips as long as their freaking awesome.

Ahasverus2768d ago

@Airhorn: I'm in love with Crysis 2 and my most anticipated game of next year is Bioshock, is not that I don't like them, I don't like THIS kind of shooter the ones that want a part of the Call of Duty pie, they add nothing to the genre, and nothing to the videogame world yet are succesful, oh the masses

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spektical2769d ago

how good is homefront online? the game looks like a ps2/xbox game...

missioncompleted2769d ago

its a change from call of duty games cause u need to use battle points earned to purchase perks and vehicles, or air attack vehicles. you can save your BP like money and when you have enough saved to buy the perk/reward you want then spend from your savings, eliminates the need to hide and try only to work on a long kill streak to get a good reward. also the battle command match game gives your soldier a wanted level like gta series, you level rises with each kill streak you get and continue to acquire more kills. then there is a x point bounty on you head until the opposing team kills. very different than cod/mw/mw2/kz3. something different. hope this is somewhat clear to understand, thanks for reading.

RyuCloudStrife2769d ago

since the Gamecube was the most powerful system of the last gen...

gcolley2768d ago

gamecube was in the middle

bumnut2768d ago

Gamecube was great and had one of the best games of last gen imo, Rogue Squadron.

rumplstilts2768d ago

Gamecube was close to Xbox but remains untapped.

femshep2769d ago

graphics don't make a game quality and quantity are what matters

its people who think like that that are ruining gaming today....if it dosent have a multiplayer its bad if its concentrated on story its bad, if its got a good multiplayer but dosn't have call of duty in the title its considered bad....todays kids dont know good gaming if it smacks them in the face

snaz272768d ago

i agree with you, graphics does not make a good game... However, for 50 quid i want both! Awesome graphics and awesome gameplay... Now if a developer can't do that, lower the price of your game!! Why is it that sony exclusives are always cheaper, yet they tend to be of better quality!! Also i remember when k3 was getting similar if not better numbers and was ripped for failing lmao... Oh well.

therapist2769d ago

skeptical, on console yes, it looks quite bad

The pc version looks better than any console game ever made if you got a mid-range rig

mine is upper mid and runs it maxed at 90 frames per second and it easily kills any ps3 or 360 game visually

The MP is good, a nice mix of battlefield and frontlines, the servers are very very stable and there are a shit ton of dedicated servers to choose from, I would not touch this game on console though, halo or killzone 2 would be a better choice, the devs made the game for pc and just did a half ass console port

SwampCroc2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

These numbers don't even include how many North Korea bought to stop from being distributed. or do they???

Haha seriously though... I like the MP very very much... satisfying... I dunno something new/retro about it.. Grapics aren't the world to me.

It seems though that maybe steady Developer involvement in current issues will probably make or break this game... A lot of problems are going on right now... and I've been seeing most people giving this until Friday unless the issues are fixed..

I dunno... I play this a little bit, then I'll play MGO... and then I play KZ3... not in this or any certain order...

looking forward to SOCOM 4 the actual game and beta (KZ
Code= Still Waiting)... looking forward to Brink... BF3....

Spenok2768d ago

I was going to be playing the Socom beta via the KZ3 code myself, but luckily im also a PS+ member, just got on the beta today, its really good. Brings back old Socom times. Very well polished, and it being in this state before launch gives me high hopes. Also not to mention seeing the kind of support that went into MAG post release leaves me with no doubt this game will only get better.

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