Top Five Flaws in SmackDown vs. Raw

SmackDown vs. Raw may be the dominating series of professional wreslting games, but it still has plenty of flaws to go around. Here are the top five elements of the series that need to be fixed.

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CobraKai3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

The last game I played was 2008. I'd add dumb ass AI. How bout a counter system that isn't so easy? Animation was mentioned, but seriously get rid of the ones that transitioned from Smackdown 1 and re-do them. And why can't the commentators call the match move for move, instead of talking about how important wrestiling is to a superstar.

They could learn something from WWE All Stars

Bathyj3590d ago

WWE All Stars, is the first wrestling game I'm interested in since Exciting hour.

Look it up.

Yes, I'm old.

CobraKai3590d ago

LMAO! The one with superman and darth vader in the crowd?

Bathyj3590d ago

Ha, and Stay Puff and ZZ Top.

Nice work. Have a bubble, and sweep the leg.

CrimsonEngage3590d ago

This series will never be as good as WWF No Mercy.

pain777pas3590d ago

Remember... who was on the cover of that game? Think about it... and many wonder why it wasn't as good anymore the passion goes with the TV product being so lacklustre. What can one expect with the joke that is the WWE minus the Rock and Austin? Seriously, those 2 again will single handidly make the whole company better by entertaining and putting rudy poo jabronis over. I will watch wrestlemania this year because of those 2. Sorry for the rant but it could not be helped.

CrimsonEngage3590d ago

I haven't watched wrestling sense The Rock left. I too will watch WM27 on PPV.

starcb263590d ago

I think Here Comes The Pain is better.

nevin13590d ago

They should revisit the Here Comes Pain formula and build upon that.

squallheart3590d ago

The last fun game I enjoyed was wcw vs nwo Tried last years smackdown vs raw and really dissapointed hell it even erased your saves. I platinum that game and returned it >.>

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