CoD Black Ops Survival Tips

Bright Hub writes: "Stay alive longer and increase your kill/death ratio with these highly-effective tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer. Take your time, know the map, and avoid dangerous areas to increase your multiplayer effectiveness. Read on for more."

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Dart892861d ago

Or you can just camp the whole match like 99.9% of people do.

zeal0us2860d ago

that and flash/concussion ppl to get cheap kills and run away when you know theres a high chance you will be killed.

Fromrio2861d ago

Most players just try and min/max with their setups, instead of thinking about their play styles - just like in MW2.

Muckbeast2861d ago

Great tips. I really should try out this game.

Graffin2860d ago

It's worth checking out, but pretty frustrating at first.

Also, be prepared to give up all of your free time.

Dave13512860d ago

people still playin this game?

xstation792860d ago

yeah dumbass it has over 500,000 people playing it at any given time on xbox live, sometimes more. If your going to troll, atleast come up with something new.

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