Team USA Wins World Cyber Games

Competing against more than 700 gamers from a record 74 countries, the United States overcame the toughest competition in World Cyber Games (WCG) history to capture three gold medals, two silver medals, and a bronze medal in twelve PC and Xbox 360 titles, and won the overall team championship at the Grand Final in Seattle.

It is the United States' second team title and first since the 2005 WCG Grand Final in Singapore. Team USA captured gold medals in "Tony Hawk Project 8," "Gears of War," and "Dead Or Alive 4." South Korea and Brazil each earned two gold medals while Germany had one gold, one silver and three bronze.

The seven-year-old WCG competition, which started in South Korea, has been dominated by South Koreans and Germans since its inception. So far South Korea has won three Grand Finals including last year's. According to organizers, WCG is the largest international gaming festival with over one million attendees and visitors every year.

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mighty_douche4119d ago

living in your mothers cold dark basement does pay of! $40,000, nearly enough to buy some of them a life... nearly.

Quickstrike4119d ago

and they say Koreans never lose lol ya right look at this :)
wait.....thats right Koreans never LOSE in Starcraft :(

SonySoldiers4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

WTH! why there's no PS3 games played in the competition????
This PC360 domination makes us sick and we want to spit on those xtards faces..

Typical idiot cowboys! They should learn from THE BEASTY PLAYSTATION 3, more advanced, more FUN games, and more HD!!!!

Japan's technology flies above the rest, fkuc ur failed domestic products.

Quickstrike4119d ago

PS3 can pwn the Wii, 360, and PC w/o even trying

socomnick4119d ago

Reason theres no ps3 games is that at the moment theres really no competitive games for it besides warhawk. And right now for console gaming Halo 3 and Gears of War dominate.

razer4119d ago

You managed to slam the Xbox and Americans all in one 13yo rant.

Do you run around chanting "death to America"?

minus bubble and welcome to my ignore list d!ckface.

YoMeViet4119d ago

I hope no gamer died of fatigue in this competition.
Pro gaming is as dangerous as lion westling.

Fux4Bux4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

Lol the US only did good in crap ass console games. Those games are a joke compared to competitive PC gaming. I'm sure none of the other countries had people that gave a damn about playing 360 garbage.