Homefront's development during its final days

During the final days of most large-scale game developments, publishers often force the development teams to go into 'crunch mode' in order to have their games ready for the release date (as opposed to independent developers who work on schedules as they please). Such was the case for THQ's Homefront, for which its team had been working 7 day weeks, every week since January '11. Let that sink in for a bit...

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cochise3132767d ago

This game is far from finished. It definitely needs more polish.

Merivigian2767d ago

I wouldn't have pushed a 7 day work week. They could have had at least sunday and saturday off, just looking forward to that little 2 day break would make me work hard throughout the week.. at least I would have something to look forward to. I can only imagine the fatigue that you would get putting in those hours, I would probably start to cut corners, and ultimately not want to do that little "extra". "Well I could add this here, that would make it more realistic.. but I really just don't feel up to it.."

Raider692767d ago

Thats the reason the game is broke!A great majority of people cant even make the game boot!And the dedicate servers are more of a BS since most of the games are matching players on P2P server connections!


bumnut2767d ago

Wow, they forced them to work such long hours and still ended up with an unfinished game?

Clearly a rush job to keep the execs/finance dept happy at the expense of gamers.