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"The idea of putting Sony’s biggest mascots – Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper, and Bentley – into one mash-up party arcade game, seemed like a dream come true for fans of the games. PlayStation Move Heroes is a game that puts these characters from three of Sony’s best franchises into one game that to utilizes the PlayStation Move controls on the PlayStation 3. While Nihilistic’s idea is the same ones we’ve seen in Nintendo’s list of cross-over games like Mario & Sonic Olympus, is PlayStation Move Heroes good enough to have its own franchise of cross-over characters from the PlayStation platform?" - JPS

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jbl3162771d ago

I played this game at a PlayStation Move event a few months ago...Nothing special in my opinion.

ShadyDevil2771d ago

Lets hope this doesnt sell TOO well that it sparks up a shovelware fiesta and Move becomes the self proclaimed Wii 2 with crappy game support.

dc12771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Did anyone read the review?
2-Pesentation and ...
3-The use of the Playstation move controls.

Not Hot:
1-Story: I Realllly did not expect a good story for this game.

2-Camera and Controls: The major knock here is that the player would have to get use to moving the camera around with the Nav.

In short, I liked the demo and my 8 year old son did as well. We will be picking this one up
This game cannot be a 2.5 out of 5. Possibly a 3/5 at worst.

No worries here. The NGP is a self contained controller. And we know the Resistance Story will be good (one of the main objections to the Move Heroes)

LarVanian2771d ago

I'm kinda worried anout Resistance NGP now since it is being made by the same guys who made this.

Masterchef20072771d ago

Oh jeez that really makes me worry.

Masterchef20072771d ago

I knew this game wouldnt be good.