Review: Playstation Move Heroes (VG)

Grant Gaines of Vivid Gamer writes "Around a year ago, everyone was talking about Sony as they are now, only the topic was a bit different. Rather than worrying about stolen credit card data and wondering when PSN will be back up, most Sony fans were instead excited for the upcoming PlayStation Move peripheral. After months of hype, September 2010 finally arrived and Move finally released along with several lackluster titles. As time passed, more games featured the device, including gimmicky add-ons for popular Sony games like MAG, Killzone 3, and SOCOM 4. Despite everything, Sony never really gave most gamers a good reason to buy a Move. Hoping, perhaps, to change that, Sony created PlayStation Move Heroes. Combining popular Sony characters from their younger-demographic games, they hoped to finally get the ball moving."

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admiralvic2717d ago

Interesting concept that was poorly executed.

Raven_Nomad2717d ago

Clearly Move's Killer App.

Silly Mammo2717d ago

The Move isn't a gimmicky add-on with KZ3.

newn4gguy2717d ago

I hate to break it to this guy, but Move works incredibly well with Killzone 3, Socom 4, and MAG.

Start The Party, Beat Sketcher, and Sports Champions are great party games.

Tumble, Echochrome II, and Lab Rat are great casual, yet hardcore games for Move.

Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, and various PSN titles implemented it...well after they were released and it does just fine.

admiralvic2717d ago

Where does he say it is bad?

I see 2 people mentioning the gimmick remark yet... according to the dictionary a gimmick is "an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal."

newn4gguy2716d ago

He says it had lackluster titles and "gimmicky" isn't used as it is defined. It's like "killing" and "murdering" aren't used correctly. Killing is justified. Murdering is not. Both are used for the same description too.

rrquinta2717d ago

I haven't tried the Move yet, so I couldn't say how well it works or not - but I will agree that there isn't anything out there worth buying it for. Yes, there might be one or two games, but I don't feel that justifies the purchase (at least not for me), and at least not at this point.

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