PS3 Review - NBA '08 6.9/10

When the platform manufacturers create a sports franchise, they're often stuck between quickly pushing an acceptable catalog-filler into the market and taking the time and effort to innovate. Usually what you get are catalog-fillers with halfhearted or broken features that, at least on the drawing board, aspired to innovation. That's the rule, but there are exceptions. When Microsoft's first-party publishing operation couldn't sleep nights worrying about a lack of quality, feature-rich third-party sports support for the original Xbox console, they churned out a few games of their own.

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doomsonyman4971d ago

i don't care what anyone says i love this series and i will eventually get this game. maybe for christmas

nomad1174971d ago

I hate NBA games they suck so who cares what score it gets.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4971d ago

Lets face it, the dude works here. His job... dig dirt on the PS3.

Ri0tSquad4971d ago (Edited 4971d ago )

pretty sad. I wonder how much they pay him to do this?

ElementX4971d ago

You can say the same about PS3 fans who try to drag the 360 through the mud.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4971d ago

This guy is always constant on reporting the anti sony articles. No one covers it constantly like he does.

Have you ever talked to the guy? He has nothing passionate to say about gaming, he's just like someone doing a job or something.

Ri0tSquad4971d ago

dig up dirt on the 360 is nasim. He doesn't do it no where near as much as he does.

Real Gambler4970d ago

You just have to be really take it with a grain of salt when you read an article posted by Bloodmask and his friends (sadly, he's not alone...).

Because most of his articles compare the PS3 to the 360, you also find gems like this next sentence, which was the next one after the paragraph he has choosen for the article.

"Their (as in Microsoft) NFL football title — like all the other sports they tried — was a half-formed, abortive and ultimately poor attempt at building a sports franchise."

So in the same article, you also find out that Microsoft is really bad at making sports games.

But more interesting is the fact that the game gets a bad rating, but for once it's not about sixaxis control. "SixAxis motion-sensing technology for player control remains dependable and accessible but has been enhanced this year." So basically, Sony cannot make a sport game either, but they can make a dependable motion-sensing control. And with this comment: "The game runs in 1080p at a 60 frames per second", we know you can also have games with awesome graphics.

Now, I would not have read this article if Bloodmask would not have posted it here. I agree, he only post the bad ones, but still, even in a bad article, there's some good news.

We all know that EA bought all the major franchises. So we basically have to wait for them to make good games for the PS3. Sure enough, with Peter Moore working for them, who knows how long it will take. But at least, we know that it's quite possible to make a great sport game running at 1080p 60fps and with great sixaxis control. If it has to come from a third party dev who bought all the franchises, then still eventually, the investors will have their word to say, and EA will have to get serious with PS3 owner eventually.

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The story is too old to be commented.