Upcoming Homefront Xbox 360 and PS3 updates detailed

XMNR: Kaos Studios quickly updated the PS3 version of Homefront after it launched to attempt to correct some multiplayer issues including freezing. Now the developer has detailed their plans for the first Xbox 360 update and the following update for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Myst2792d ago

One thing needs to be said though that the first update did not actually help the PS3 version by much and are currently still waiting on the next update to fix what was messed up due to the first update.

Queasy2792d ago

It seemed to be a mix bag. It fixed problems for some, didn't change much for others and created problems for others still.

Myst2792d ago

Agreed, thought my system hasn't frozen up a lot [never really gave it the chance to] I haven't gotten in a lot of games either.

Grimhammer002792d ago

I traded it today for $35 to FS.
Gaming life is too short to deal with this potential of good game.
I had it freeze more after the update! It locks your ps3. Hard reset is needed.

Single player took me psn friend did it in 3.5hrs! That's not speed running either!

I got crysis2 and I ain't looking back

BX812792d ago

F#ck half ass devs! I'm tiered of games that look like crap and work like sh!t.

Ninjamonkey822792d ago

Bout time the got round to getting the next patch out. Game is good in MP would have liked some AA ffs in the MP lol :) Its not like its a overly pushed version of the UT3 engine some AA would have helped :)

Ashby_JC2792d ago

I ended up getting the game after renting it and liking it. Seems once I paid for it...the issues started lol!!

Very good game. LArger maps...lots of options. Not really feeling the HIGH level to be reached to unlock weapons but I guess it makes you keep playing.

ANd master each weapon instead of dumping it quickly!

The freezing is annoying. Its almost like a game like this NEEDS to have a open BETA..not sure how easy that is.

But I am sooooooooooo tired of hearing devs and PR say...DUE to unexpected demand and sales we werent ready.


Dont have some type of gauge of what to expect with preorderes etc.

I say prepare for every case scenario. Better to over do it with servers and get good press then UNDER do it...and have a GOOD game get bad press for REAL issues!!

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