Pachter: Homefront failure may deter pubs from making new IP

While the failure of THQ's new IP is certainly bad news for the company, Homefront's lackluster reception may act as a warning sign for other publishers as well. According to video game analyst Michael Pachter, the game's performance may encourage other publishers to invest more money in their established franchises, rather than experimenting with new properties.

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Desert Turtle2766d ago

Isn't this game selling really well in the UK, though?

UNCyrus2766d ago

failure? I'm sick and tired of the overuse of that word

socomnick2766d ago

Selling really well world wide.

It's a really good multiplayer game but it has some faults.

Engine rendering issues and short sp hurt the game.

JsonHenry2766d ago

It may be a failure in reviews, but I was under the impression it was actually selling rather well?

Bear_Grylls2765d ago

Pachter: "Homefront failure may deter pubs from making new IP"

I call BS on that. Just another excuse for another COD in 5 and a half months time. October is coming people lol :-P

DeadlyFire2765d ago

A game that sells 375,000 on first day. Considering shelf life of a game it should be on shelf for at least a year or two. Likely it will hit its mark.

375,000 x $60 bucks = 22.5 Million bucks. Budget was 50 Million? So after day 1 they only had to sell same amount over a duration of a year or two to break even. I don't think that is impossible or failure at all. They are very likely to break even or even make a profit off this game. Which will give them great reason to make the 2nd one even better. I like their approach to MP from what I have seen so far. Its an attempt for a balanced game environment. More balance = more competitive gamers = more fun environment. That will win a battle in a long run. Not yet bought or owned for me. I plan on waiting for price drop.

Anyone that regards Pacther as more of a video game analyst over me needs to ride the short bus.

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gauntletpython2766d ago

Agreed, but its lame that other new IPs could be dragged down because of it.

xstation792766d ago

Why should it fail? If you don't like it, trade it in and get something else. That is of course if you even bought it to begin with.

gorebago2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I did. Day two after owning it: GONE. I'm all about new ips but I feel supporting this one just because it's new to encourage more is rewarding the developers who created a lazy product and sending a message that we'll accept anything, good or bad as long as it's new.

If the game was amazing then by all means buy, buy, buy. But it isn't. Justify your purchase all you want out of insecurity but the game SUCKs hard.

Play bulletstorm. It wasn't perfect but at least it was playable.

Kon2766d ago

Homefront didn't failed, i think this guy should go back to his cave.

DangerTick2766d ago

It won't deter other pubs from making new IPs. All they have to do is avoid turning it into a CoD clone like Homefront.

Stealth20k2766d ago

generic shooters shouldnt be made

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The story is too old to be commented.