Resident Evil's 15th Anniversary

Rely on Horror - Resident Evil turns 15 today. To celebrate, RoH take a look back at one of our favourite franchises in a series of articles, and speculates on where the series will go from here.

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Active Reload2819d ago

15 years, wow! Time definitely does not stand still.

erathaol2818d ago

Wish they put the Resident Evil : Director's Cut on sale today on the PSN store. Would buy it immediately.


beavis4play2819d ago

RE1/2 - the good days.......when RE games were GREAT!

phinch2819d ago

anyone who disagrees probably isnt even 15 themselves and hasn't completed any of the originals

beavis4play2818d ago

yea - i've gotten used to that. some just don't remember how good this series once was - so, they don't realize how BAD it is today.

TXIDarkAvenger2818d ago

15 years of Resident Evil? Man time flies by fast. Anyways its 15 years of Resident Evil and there's been speculation of RE HD remakes which I find really awesome if that happens.

DigitalHorror812818d ago

Kind of off topic, but I think in the special offers section of the PSN, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was only 2.99. I bought it immediately. Might still be there.