Tomb Raider Trilogy Screen Comparison: Original vs PC vs PS3

Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider Trilogy for the PS3 is shipping to retailers nationwide and those that are looking for the definitive way to experience the three Crystal Dynamic Tomb Raider titles in the purest form; this collection is the best way to do so.

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imvix2862d ago

They should do Underworld comparison as thats the best game among the bunch. PC version is easily superior, cheaper (saw it on sale for 7.5usd), supports custom skins etc.

xtremegamerage2862d ago

Lighting and shadows look better on the PS3, the textures are better on PC.

Kamikaze1352862d ago

Idk about that. Look at the texture for the T-rex on this image:

Look at it's thighs.

2862d ago
Raendom2862d ago

Second screenshot, PS3 actually has totally different lighting and makes the scene look a lot better:

And again, teh bewbs are awsome.

Hanuman2862d ago

Apart from the lighting they look pretty similar. They're really small, so probably in hi-res shots you'd see a bigger difference.

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