Eco Creatures: Save the Forest - Games Radar First Look

Games Radar writes: "Man, this game looks fun: What? Beavers? Squirrels? Yep. At least, in the world according to Eco Creatures: Save the Forest. It casts you as Dorian, a sort of shambling, furry, pineapple charged with protecting a forest from the polluting, clear-cutting forces of industry. Which, in true gaming fashion, you do by commanding a horde of Pokemon-colored squirrels, beavers, and flying squirrels to destroy things like robots and living tar pits with giant fists".

"Placing you in the role of a bipedal sentient pineapple, the aim of Eco Creatures is to lead a horde of violent squirrels and beavers into battle against evil tar pits. You have no idea how wide I'm grinning as I type this stuff".

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