Is silence golden?

GamerNode's Eddie Inzauto talks about the pros and cons of the use of the silent protagonist.

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Kokoro4493d ago

it is true that a character that doesnt talk as much, is much more convincing once you know who they are. it just leaves the world to evolve and live around you.

MK_Red4493d ago

Amazing post and article. I don't know what to add except:
My two fave silent games: Final Fantasy VIII and Half Life games.
Two games that I loved their mains being talkative: Duke Nukem 3D and Postal.

Rooftrellen4493d ago

I normally like a silent hero. Link and Mario don't talk, and they are amazingly popular franchises, though I don't think anyone would say its a bit akward to see Link standing there, not saying anything after learning some terrible secret.

However, I do hope that more games come to be like Skies of Arcadia. Getting to choose what you, as the hero, says at every turn is great, but I'll never lose my love for the silent heroes, because they are you, more than any hero, since you are never lead to believe anything about what kind of person they are, or even hour their voice sounds.

I really dislike when the hero speaks and I have no say in what they say most of the time, but that seems to be the direction most developers want to go.

Silence is indeed golden.