"I know, I've had a lot of practice." Dead Space 2 Review

It's important for the horror genre to effectively create the correct sort of atmosphere in which the player is constantly cautious, hence being fearful. Dead Space 2, being a third-person shooter, has a significantly harder time with that. The common problem is allowing the player to look around corners, or behind the character whilst moving forward. Unfortunately the developers added more conveniences for the player which effectively spoils the horror. Though Dead Space 2 is a decent shooter, it doesn't make players scared..

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bebojet2771d ago

This author sucks at reviewing games, picking on the little things and ignoring what matters. Dead Space 2 is better than the first in EVERY way. RE4 and RE5 had cheap thrills and a Hollywood style story compared the DS. My brother used to hate DS until he saw me play DS2, not just he completed the game before I did (since I'm working most of the time), he's half way done with Severed and he said he will play the first.

"Dead Space 2 is all about dismemberment. It's not as ground-breaking as it sounds though, it just means that almost every enemy goes down instantly when two or more limbs are removed, like in Ninja Gaiden II (cough)."

You clearly played this game on Easy, they might go down with two shots but their not dead yet...

Vinushka2771d ago

Dead Space 2 is not as good as every damn person is making it out to be. I'd go as far as to say it's highly overrated.

It's walk down this corridor and kill a ton of monsters, then do it again and again. And while you're doing this, it's going to try and be scary by having monsters jump out at you every damn minute. I became so sick of monsters jumping out at me that I actually turned it off for being too repetitive.

Story sucks, Isaac cannot stop saying fuck, and the last boss is lame and lacks emotion.

All in all it's a decent action game.

PrettyinPurple2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

wrong box sorry

sam22362770d ago

"Dead Space 2 is not as good as every damn person is making it out to be. I'd go as far as to say it's highly overrated."

'Every damn person' thinks it's good. You don't. Therefore your opinion means nothing. The game is good. Deal with it or ignore the game and shut the hell up.

"It's walk down this corridor and kill a ton of monsters, then do it again and again. And while you're doing this, it's going to try and be scary by having monsters jump out at you every damn minute."

But that's exactly what RE4 and 5 are like. I bet you think those two are GOTY and that DS1 and 2 are just rip-offs.

PrettyinPurple2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )


What the majority thinks isn't fact, what he thinks isn't fact either. 3/5 is Good, if I was going of a 0-10 scale it'd be 7/10, I just round things down.

The idea of "walk here do that" doesn't apply to RE4 the same way it does to Dead Space. There are key difference, of ammo conservation, overall game balance, and predictability.

On it's own Dead Space 2 is a perfect game, but by comparison it's not to someone who is used to that sort of game. The more chocolate you eat, the less appetising it is.

There's always someone who finds something more enjoyable than you do. I know this, which is why having a different opinion matters. Otherwise, as you say, there's no point in someone making a review if their opinions are in the minority.


Those are cinematics, they have nothing to do with the overall gameplay. Dead Space 2 is sure as hell exciting, but more goes into a game than that.

bebojet2770d ago

@ Vinushka

Did you ever shot at creatures while being tide up side down? Or fight a boss creature in outer space? Or fighting your way threw a monsters in Zero-G? This is what Survival Horror is all about, I don't how you can call this repetitive. RE4 was repetitive and RE5 was cut & paste of the same crap.

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PrettyinPurple2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )


I played this on the hardest difficulty they let you play at the start. They die in 2-3 shots on average, I played only using the starting weapon.

1 hit if you used the Gravity Gun thingy correctly.

bebojet2770d ago

You would still have to upgrade your weapons in order to kill them with only 2-3 shots as you progress in the game. Plasma Cutter is the best weapon in the game, it is possible to complete it with only that gun.

Dark_Overlord2770d ago


I brought the collectors edition and got the force gun, rarely used the plasma cutter due to the insane power of the force gun :D

But yes, as you progress through the game you have to upgrade your weapons as the enemies seem to have a lot more health

Neko_Mega2771d ago

Lame, its so 5/5. Now if we were going by 1 out of 10, I would say 8.5 out of 10.

Fallouts2770d ago

If its a 5/5 why would it be a 8.5/10? That would be bout the same score as this guy.

Anyway this guy is buggin, u r in space on a space ship trying to survive and some how you expect some kinda mass effect or somethng? Its a 3rd person horor SHOOTER what more you want? I loved the game my only complaint is I wish it had more boss fights like the first. Here is hoping for epic boss fights in the 3rd.

Neko_Mega2770d ago

Most people think 10 means its perfect and it isn't but it is so a 5.

Fallouts2769d ago

yea but if the scale is 5 and u give it a 5 wouldnt that make it a perfect game as well?

regardless,we both agree that this guy is crazy..

BadKarmaSutra962770d ago

3/5?? LOL.. Um.. No. I give DS2 at least 9.5/10. I played this game solid for 3 weeks to get every cheevo, then I played it through once with the hand cannon foam finger to get my revenge!

So, let's review... I played it through three times, then once on hardcore. I then played the DLC twice thru. That's 50 hours of gameplay for $39.99.

Don't listen to this losah, listen to ME!!! This game pwns!