It’s Official: EA Are Horrendous Publishers | Mad Overdose writes: You’d think EA would have learned their lesson with the absolutely dreadful PC launch for Dead Space 2 back in January. Despite having a physical copy of the game sitting in front of me, I was unable to launch the game due to it not passing the built in release date check and ended up waiting 3 additional hours before I was finally able to play it. Well, it seems as though EA have yet again screwed up a pretty major PC release. It’s now a little after 2AM central time here in Austin, Texas and I’ve been told the game is unavailable to me until 10AM central time. Nowhere on my retail edition of Crysis 2 does it state this would be the case.

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Quagmire2766d ago

Really? NFS, Shift, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, Fight Night, Medal of Honor, Dragon Age, Crysis, Burnout, SSX say otherwise..

gorebago2766d ago

One of these don't belong and that's medal of honor, only because of how bad itis.

Pixel_Pusher2766d ago

MOH MP was painful to play but the SP was fuckin' sweet, a bit short though,

gorebago2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I thought the entire game was garbage. Even though the sp was short, I had to force myself to beat it so that I could sell it fast. Same with homefront. Those two are the worst games I've played in a long time and the two that I was about the most excited to play. That's just me though.

Paladz2766d ago

NFS & Shift are crap. Battlefield:BC is crap. Mirror's Edge was so bad they wouldn't put out a second, Fight Night is crap, MoH is even worse, Dragon Age is a shit game with shit content in a shitty sandbox adventure, Crysis are sellouts, console multifagss & Burnout is probably the worst car game ever made.

Other than that, yes, Dead Space, Mass Effect & SSX are pretty good.

Max Power2766d ago

Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Sitris2766d ago

Wow hard to please.......burnout worst car game, crysis devs sellouts, dragon age shit? Fight night crap? Wow I'm not even going to bother breaking that apart, like seriously,

Paladz2766d ago

Yes it's my opinion, but take a look at it, realisticly.

What amazing innovative content did NFS & Burnout bring into cargames?

Crysis sellouts and ruin the entire game by putting it onto consoles and then porting to PC. It's practically one of the worst shooters i've ever played, ever.

Fight Night is boring, dull and repetitive.

Unless you are ae console fag, you would say the same.

Jdoki2766d ago


Are we talking NFS and Burnout as a whole, or just the latest Criterion releases?

Either way I don't agree.

Burnout is one of the most fun arcade racing series of all time, and Paradise was phenomenal (although I think Takedown was my fave in the series).

The latest NFS Hot Pursuit did feel more like a Burnout game than a NFS, it was still fun even if it lacked some innovation (although I would argue that the online integration of the Burnout and NFS:HP has been fairly innovative).

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DirtyLary2765d ago

Nothing official about an opinion.

thrasherv32766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I was thinking the same thing.

@ThatEnglishDude: Nope, you are.

ThatEnglishDude2766d ago

Completely missing the point...

Pandamobile2766d ago

This has been the case for tons of games in the last couple of years. Lots of games don't unlock til the morning.

ThatEnglishDude2766d ago

I've only heard of Steam games that do not unlock during morning. Never retail games, although I could be wrong.

gorebago2766d ago

Yeah this would annoy me. Almost like with the dc universe online beta when I really wanted to try it out but had yo wait a day to dwnld it. when I bought it, I had to wait a long time to dwnld files and install the game. it was ridiculous. Thanlfully it was a one time annoyance and all I had to do was wait.

If I bought a game and couldn't play it until said company said it was alright, i'd be pissed too.

Oh well, one time annoyance.

jbiz3202766d ago

boo fucking hoo.. I agree with Tachyon_Nova, go to bed..

mastershredder2765d ago

This release is really bringing out the best in people. This is total class here. Throwing a tempertantrum and lashing out at the publisher because he can't play the game yet.

Double that boo fucking hoo and raise it up a goo goo.

I'm picking up my pc version today. Looking forward to it!!!

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