PSX Extreme Reviews Folklore

PSX Extreme find it fairly unusual to see Sony bringing out some of the most unique looking titles for their consoles. Generally, the really quirky and un-Western software tends to stem from the much smaller, independent publishers and developers. But over the years, Sony has been responsible for a lot of very unique games, such as Ico, Shadow of Colossus, the lesser known Okage, and now Folklore. Sony's managed to quickly emerge as the premier developer of a genre that Nintendo once held a grasp over.

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Spike474487d ago

this game is definetly a sleeper hit now.

should've hyped this one instead of lair.

Galvatron4487d ago

This is a great game (at least the demo is). Too bad the crap that is LAIR made me waste my $.

wil4hire4487d ago

But it doesn't seem like you would buy the game anyway. If you played the demo, you will buy this game. I'm never into games like FF/Kingdom hearts etc. It looks entertaining, but I just hate battle systems with turns and battle damage. It was pretty easy to pickup the lores and use them. Just didn't blow the world over.

Now, to someone who is into that. I think its definitely a seller. Esp with the 9's its received from people who have praised it. Those are the actual people who are into this type of game. I can see reviewers (that give FPS's 9's over and over again) giving this game a 4-7 because they just plain dont like it. I don't like it, but I'd give it a 9 for how it looks, how easy the controls are, and how interesting the story was. 9 For demo.

Sevir044487d ago

True traditional FF games have done turnbased battle systems but thats long gon with the advent of FF12. and the new soon to be released 13 and versus 13. what i do disagree about is the whole kingdom Hearts thing being turned base. you couldn't be more wrong which leaves me to thnk that you probably never played it. Kingdom Hearts may have alot of strong RPG elements like a party system and magic and better still the appearance of Final fantasy characters in the game because of popular cameos, but KH has never been turn based, it's Real time battle. KH is what you call the Pinacle of action RPG, something Folklore does well in the same sense. i strongly urge you or at least recomend you pick up or just rent KH if you haven't already done so and see whats it's all about. there's no let me attack you andi'll wait for your attack bar to fill so you can attack me. ^^ in that aspect you'll come to a very fun surprise that KH is highly addictive.

now onto FolkLore's reveiws it seems the game range in scores are about right between 8.5-9, so far i've seen a 9 from IGN, 9 from Play magazine, 9 from gamezone, 8 from cvg, and 8 from gamesradar, and 8.8 from psx extreme. it's got plenty of mix reveiws but we are starting to see that the game is actually a good game. it should be interesting to See what both PSU and 1up think over the next few days and tthe rest of the media, and that eurogamer wasn't even the english version. they reviewed and they said that they couldn't understand what was going because they could speak japanese. after all they were the ones who re-reviewed R:FOM. lol!!! in any case this is one game for the record that has alot of mixed reactions but the amount of positive reviews are increasing

wil4hire4487d ago

I shouldn't have listed it next to FF. I just meant those games in General I've never been into. checkout Folklore has a ton of 40-60%'s. I think fans of the genre, such as yourself. Will appreciate what the games have to offer, vs reviewers who only know what a western FPS is.

KeMoBLUE4487d ago

i was thinkng about getting this game. would look sweet in hd :D

RadientFlux4487d ago

interesting... I might have to give this game a rent sometime over the next few weeks.

2007 so far has been a great year for less hyped but still amazing games. I am still having fun playing Overlord.

pilotpistolpete4487d ago

Wow, I didn't know they would have user generated content for this game. Awesome.

I also like how this game is getting mixed review. It shows how the reviewers are reviewing the game, and nothing else (cough* Halo..cough*)

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The story is too old to be commented.