Patch 4.1 - New Mount, No New Raid

Are you a World of Warcraft mount collector? Do you have every mount you can get your hands on, including the ones you can buy through Blizzard? Well, this post is for you! Blizzard Entertainment just announced a new “Winged Lion” mount, set to be released with Patch 4.1. The official name hasn’t yet been released the price, or any other details, but it should be being released soon! On the topic of Patch 4.1, the much anticipated Firelands raid, the next tier of endgame raiding progression for the MMO – will not appear in the next patch, 4.1, like had been planned.

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jidery2772d ago

Ahh Blizzard, how activision has killed you! You used to care about your fans, now you just kick them in the balls with your micro-transaction mounts on top of a monthly fee that doesn't get us the Raid we have been waiting months for.

AndrewRyan2771d ago

Maybe because they are working on other games? They said themselves they want Bioware to succeed with their new MMO. WoW is old news, it's slowly dying, and I for one am glad Blizzard is letting it die. They have Diablo 3 to work on and Starcraft 2 expansions. As well as a new MMO IP.

herukuti2771d ago

thats funny coming from a guy named andrew ryan; and a man chooses.

i rage quit wow yesterday because my guildies always tell me to theorycraft for extra dps as a rage geared firemage whos gear doesnt scale equally in dps compared to any other class with a low learning curve.

these issues as well as the profession issues that are rectified post release makes me think jidery has a valid point and isnt a crybaby.