Top Ten Games Expected to Debut at E3 2011

With the biggest annual videogames exhibition less than eight weeks away, the Electronic Theatre team is eagerly preparing to bring you some extensive coverage of the hardware manufacturer presentations, show floor demonstrations and all the additional frivolities that are all part of the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3). And with that, the team decided that this week’s Sunday Special feature would take a look at the Top Ten titles Electronic Theatre expects to make their debut at E3 in 2011.

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zeeshan8104869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Hitman 5
Resident Evil 6
Assassins Creed 3
for sure.

Blad3star4869d ago

I really want to see the Chief back in action.

Halo 3 ending was Epic and left you wanting more. Teach was ok but Noble team can never fill the Chiefs shoes.

guigsy4869d ago

Same. As good as Reach is, you feel like something is missing. Bring back the Chief!

DoomeDx4869d ago

I just find it funny.

''Halo 3 is the last one of the series.''
''Halo reach is the last game!''
Let me guess, another halo is coming.

Just_The_Truth4869d ago

honestly i know they will announce Halo 4 b/c if they don't after gears people will sell their Xboxs even though i'll probably come out holiday 2012 and just be a cgi(no gameplay trailer) i'll give people a reason to look forward to something.

4869d ago
guigsy4869d ago

@ wesley

Halo 3 was the last game in that story arc, and Reach was the last game by Bungie. Not that hard to understand.

multipayer4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

I love me some Halo, but I doubt the series is going anywhere great. Like Call of Duty, the soul isn't there anymore. I'd be more excited for Halo 3/Reach getting PC treatment, rather than any new installments.

TheLastGuardian4868d ago

I thought 343's first Halo game was already revealed to be a Halo CE remake.

OneSneakyMofo4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Bungie was smart to abandon Microsoft when they did. They see the road Microsoft is heading down, and it looks grim. If Microsoft doesn't announce something mind blowingly amazing, you can expect the 360 fanboys to jump ship to the dark side.

On topic:
I'm looking forward Zelda, The Last Guardian, some flagship 3DS games, the NGP, Agent, Diablo 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Battlefield 3, and most of all, Uncharted 3.

Bathyj4868d ago

360 fanboys aren't going to jump ship.

Reason and logic havent made them get a PS3 yet, why would it now?

As long as either Halo or Gears gets one new instalment a year, and they'll ride it to the end.

I'm not trolling, I'm being serious. Seems like the Xbox only gamer has very low expectations now days, so they are easily satisfied.

They dont even need exclusives anymore, they just need to believe they're getting the best multiplats because its has a different shadow or is brighter than the PS3 version, and that XBL is better than PSN because of X-game chat and they're happy.

Of course, they never sound happy, and will mainly talk about PS3 all day, but thats besides the point.

elpresador4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

....was hought back then to possibly tie into Bungie's other series for the Mac, that being MARATHON and Halo some possibly believe to be a prequel series to Marathon.

Of course, MS owns the Halo tag and not Marathon, UNLESS they got it when they had Bungie as a First Party studio but, who knows.

I will say that the next Halo game will probably see the Chief further into the future.

edit: on a side note it would be awesome to get some original xbox games given sequels on the 360 like bloodwake, mechassualt, and crimson skies. Those were awesome azz games and new instalments would be cool AND they would give MS more exclusives as well.

Of course personally I actually play multis as well. I mean the one thing I hate more than ANYTHING are the bad PS3 fans (regular fans I love you guys since you are mature and dont limit yourself and yes, I too have a ps3) who seem to think that multi dont exist and that the ONLY games that should be played or are worth a damn are exclusives. Yes they are nice like UC2 and the like but if you are a true gamer, you wont limit yourself because a game is a multiplat. If you are that way you are not a true gamer and u miss out on awesome games like Arkham Asylum and Assassins Creed series, etc.

JohnnyBadfinger4868d ago

Funny you make that point... because i think its quite obvious that the PS3 community spend more time talking about the 360 than 360 gamers.

Sure you aint saying anything good about it, but thats beside the point.

Reach by the way was an abomination to the Halo canon. I hated the game and havent touched it since Assassins Creed Brotherhood came out last year.

The reason i havent jumped ship to the PS3 is purely because they refuse to drop the Australian price of the console (Still retails at $500), plus the PS3 caters heavily to the Asian market, and i hate just about all Asian games ever made. And i cant stand the language, i find it painful to listen too. Thats not racist by the way. I like my western videogames.

The last Asian video i played/bought was Ace Combat 6? i think...only to satisfy my love of fighter jets.

Dont try and tell me Uncharted is the best ,cause your wrong. Dont even try and tell me Killzone is the best, cause your wrong... your own opinions dont make you right...

i rate both those franchises along with the Halo and fable franchises in the mediocre class of videogames... they look pretty but other than that they are pretty shit story and gameplay wise.

My opinions are open to disagreeing but they still standa and are well validated

Blacktric4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Bathyj talking about logic. Oh the irony. If only he knew that Xbox 360 doesn't just have Halo and Gears and got tons of multiplatform games that'll keep userbase happy...

ps3destroyer4868d ago

funny is that the disagrees came from ps3 fanboys who wanted no new Halo.

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Kingdom Come4869d ago

I wouldn't count on seeing GTA V, Rockstar are very independant with their announcements...

MrBeatdown4868d ago

Exactly. Rockstar never shows up at E3. The only Rockstar announcements I can remember were made by Sony (Agent), MS (GTA4), and Nintendo (Chinatown Wars), not by Rockstar themselves. And all those announcements were nothing more than confirmation that the games existed. They were more or less just announced so Sony/MS/Nintendo could brag about their exclusivity.

I doubt anyone is getting anything exclusive from GTA V, so I doubt it will be announced at E3. Rockstar will likely just announce it on their own, whenever they feel like it.

Lamarthedancer4869d ago

Yeah I think all of them will be anounced :)

Just a bit scared for RE6, I hope it's not going to get worse, hopefully they've learnt their lesson from the forced Co-Op. It has to continue Leons/Ada story

jony_dols4868d ago

How about Jill, Barry or Claire?

Lamarthedancer4868d ago

Jill was already in RE5 so she won't be in Claire might and Barry

Barry is more likely though since he was going to be in RE5 as stated in the concept art where he would go with Chris to Africa to fight off the Zombie outbreak there and to find Jill.

But we still need to know how Wesker got the sample off Ada if you've seen the end of RE4 you'll know why and Leon because well he's a fan favorite :)

jony_dols4868d ago

Bring back Brad Vicars!

If I know Capcom (I don't), I could see them pulling off some cheesy, over-the-top explaination to bring him back, after surviving facial penetration from Nemisis's purple member and then the goverments nuke.

Maybe he got a head transplant and hid in a fridge.....

ProjectVulcan4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Feels like it has been so long since GTA4, 3 years in fact. The longest gap between home console GTA games has never been more than 3.5 years, even when the series jumped to the present generation.

It is a surprise to me then that if GTA5 does not come until early 2012 it will have been nearly 4 years since GTA4. I honestly hope that this extended development time hints at a significant jump in the scope of the environment and the size of Rockstar's ambitions.

Assuming that it will not arrive until then, it is also probably safe to say that this generation will only end up hosting just the two GTA games.

YodaCracker4868d ago

I don't believe it could get much more ambitious than GTA IV. That game is on a whole other level presentation-wise.

FinalSpartan4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

When the legend Master Chief returns holy it will be dark ages for certain people again (PS3). Halo Reach was ok but didnt feel like Halo without Master Chief.

GTA5 Holy this is going to be megaton!! damn going to be killer right there.

HL3 ? where the heck are you :P

But as for Halo 4 in think that should be for next gen though personally. For fresh and huge impact.

Vherostar4868d ago

Top Ten Games Expected to Debut at E3 2011 as wrote by a 360 gamer I mean seriously 2011 the year of the ps3 exclusives and yet this writer amazingly missed off any ps3 exclusive titles. As for Halo we already been told it will be a remake of Combat Evolved why are people still going on about Halo 4?

vishant1014868d ago

those games have debut already

elpresador4868d ago

The CE remake has not been officially announced has it?

Shackdaddy8364868d ago

Would the new respawn entertainment game be up there too or is it too soon??

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Jacobite4869d ago

PC I would like to hear, UT4, HL3, Mafia 3,and some real PC love from Devs, for my consoles well there well catered for.

Vherostar4868d ago

UT4 I seriously doubt they still working on UT3 engine and the UT4 engine would already be sent out to devs by now if it was coming out like UT3 engine was released years before UTIII.