Left Behind Games Gets Apocalyptic with Bloggers

From GamePolitics: Numerous reports have surfaced on the web over the last few days regarding legal threats made against blog sites by Left Behind Games, publishers of a controversial real-time strategy title based upon the mega-selling Christian book series. More after the jump.

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Cat4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

i always new the Left Behind guys were a bunch of crazies, but I didn't know they were a bunch of litigious crazies.

@ Dmack79: "crazy" is perhaps misleading, b/c I actually think they're very deliberate in the what they choose to spew. and I'm not much for dispensationalism, so the Tribulation is...well, it's a thing of the past! ;)

Dmack794030d ago

They may be litigious, But crazy, they are not. If the devs behind this game wanted to, they could make it have M content since the Tribulation is worst thing you could ever possibly comprehend!

Lotto4030d ago

This is stated on left behind games website "·Contrary to misinformation on the web, this game does not include references to any other religion. Also, there is NO killing in the name of God, and NO convert or die missions. All content has been reviewed and approved by Tyndale House Publishers prior to publication." Haha makes me laugh

Wii60_FTW4030d ago

lmao @ religious nut-jobs. damn mystics! ^_^

ShiftyLookingCow4030d ago

"Last year, the CEO of Left Behind Games, Troy Lyndon, tried to give me this song and dance out of the gospel of Matthew, that if I had "ought" against his game that it was my Christian duty to come to him as a "brother" and share my concerns with him, rather than taking them to the press. Now comes "Brother" Lyndon, however, with his LAWYER, threatening me with a lawsuit. Apparently his version of the Bible didn't have that little part about not taking your "brother" to court! I guess the Apostle Paul only meant that this was to be followed in cases involving matters other than retaining shareholder value!"

lol they are sending lawyers against other Christians, their own "brothers".