What Would Jesus Play: Walmart testing Christian games in Texas

From Gamertell:

"Is the Christian market for games being underserved? Is there, in fact, a market for Christian games? Walmart and Left Behind Games will try to answer those questions with a test in 100 stores in the Houston and Dallas areas. These stores will stock back catalog PC games based on the best selling Left Behind book series."

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Major_Tom3599d ago

Heh those Christians! Always undermining christ's values!

Pandamobile3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The only thing worse than an irrational fanboy is an irrational Christian.

Well they are fanboys. God fanboys.

Isaac3598d ago

Christendom fanboys, there's a HUGE difference IMHO. If they were really fanboys of the so called God, they would STFU.

HolyOrangeCows3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

...I say that nothing I've read in the bible forbids things like virtual violence.
Do think God sheds a tear every time boys play cowboys and Indians? Probably not.

Human nature IS violent. It's an earthly reality.

ea3023083598d ago that's usually true. And human nature is violent, totally agree.

Darkstorn3598d ago

I'm sure it will be a hit in the South. Unfortunately for them, Christian video games tend to be unbelievably crappy.

sunnygrg3598d ago

Fallout 3 with the Bloody Mess Perk on!

evrfighter3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

he would play this

note the score

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ea3023083598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm a christian, and from what I've seen, most christian games tend not to be the best (no duh).

But I would just like to ask, probably pointlessly, if the people who will start commenting here can please not start a huge flame war on how christianity rocks/sucks, but if we can just comment on this news.

I visited this article @ gamepolitics, and there's five pages of comments bashing/praising christianity and a lot of crap being flung around. From BOTH sides.

Just asking if we can all avoid that. Thanks.

butterfinger3598d ago

a level of maturity not usually attributed to N4G members or gamers in general.

tplarkin73598d ago

There are so many poor stories in videogames. An epic biblical story could be very cool and resonate with anyone, not just Christians.

WinterWolf3598d ago

but I have never seen, heard of, or played a Bible-based game that is even remotely good.

I am Christian and a Texan. I grew up in the church, have taken Bible classes, involved in men's bible study, am a big fan of Theology, apologetics, hermeneutics, etc. , and read the bible consistently. Yet this fails to interest that's saying something.

I will be passing this up and picking up a copy of Uncharted 2 instead. :)

Philip J Fry3598d ago

Around age 10 I played quite a few christian based video games on the NES. One game you played as the hero and went through towns killing demons with fruit, then defeat bosses to earn the spiritual armor and finally kill the devil to win the game. I thought it was fun then. Then there is the one where you had to collect animals and put them in the ark, and lastly I played one that was a puzzle game where you collected mana. It was really fun and hard. It had around 100 levels and I never beat them all.

Anyway, they were fun then.

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Ron_Burgundy3598d ago

right now he & God are playing Uncharted 2 in heaven

Sk8boyP3598d ago

...Satan and his minions deal with RRoD as the scorching heat from the console can burn even the most Evil of them!

Mezt_up3598d ago

There is a huge market for it. And not just for Christians. Just think, the Old testament is one of the bloodiest killfests around. Filled with vengeance, false gods (and their worshipers), slavery, prostitutes, waring kingdoms etc. The new testament focuses on the life of Jesus, but there is still the same issues in the world, in fact there is a whole race of people being ruled by the roman empire who often ruled by cruel leaders.

If developers went to the effort there are heaps of potential games to be set in this period, potentially around these events. Its just that so far any Christian game has generally been so rediculously poor thought out and basic that its not funny. Moral decisions are always clear cut, they are always goody goody 2 shoes with no gore, violence and other sinful activity. I'm convinced there is potential there, and that the games, if done correctly, wouldn't JUST be suitable for Christians.

butterfinger3598d ago

I have even read a Left Behind book (years ago, though), and they could definitely make an awesome Christian game if they really wanted to. It would probably be hard to get support from a major publisher and solid development team, though. It would be really hard for a Christianity-based game to sell well, no matter how great it is IMO.

Mezt_up3598d ago

The bunch of Christian die hards. Anyone remember that Southpark episode where Cartman started a Christian rock band. They sucked but Christians still liked it :p Same thing would apply. If the game was really only a 6/10 game, the diehards would treat it like an 8/10 game.

The worst thing you could do to market a Christian game would be to be to high almighty about it. If a game was genuinely good, had Christian undertones (this includes all the old testament stuff I mentioned above)and target it to 15-30 yr old gamers in general (not has been done in the past, albeit yrs ago) then it would have a good chance.

Tex1173598d ago

Wasnt there an old school NES game?

Yeah, Bible Adventures...

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