Turok Hands-on: Jurassic? No, the AI's great...

Turok isn't so much a person, as a genetic legacy - that's why our favourite dinosaur hunter has changed since Turok Evolution. With new developers Propaganda at the helm, Turok has been transformed from a proud Native American warrior to a grizzled, no-nonsense marine who must lead his team of Special Forces blokes to hunt down his old mentor - and nasty war criminal - Roland Kane. With his new moves, new weapons and a new nemesis, you might fear Turok has lost the essence of what made his earlier games a success - namely, dinosaurs. Until you find your head halfway down a raptor's oesophagus, and - oddly - it's almost a relief to be back.

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Jinxstar4032d ago

I was wondering about this. I didn't much care for the N64 Turoks but this looks a lot more promising. I hope it delivers... Good find MK

SageFrancis4032d ago

I played Turok at GC07 and thought it was great, the graphics are fantastic and so is the gameplay.