60GB/40GB Model Comparison

With the inevitable hardware cuts from the cheaper 40GB model, we take a look at how differently they will actually appear. Sony today also released a picture of the new SKU which - at closer investigation, is rather different from previous models.

Take a look at the image comparison, some of the things we notice are;

-Naturally the USB ports are down to 2 from 4.

-The cover that had the media slot readers underneath seems to have been removed.

-The PS3 icon on the chrome tray seems to be painted onto the metal instead of being an external part.

-Rumour is that also the 'PLAYSTATION 3' text on the machine is also painted onto it instead of being a semi-external aspect.

-And interestingly, there seem to be less ventilation holes for the new model.

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ReBurn4033d ago

I'm guessing that the 40gb model contains a completely redesigned motherboard. I can't wait until someone takes one apart and posts pictures.

s1lens34033d ago

Not bad it has wireless, seems to be an improvement of the original 20 gb except for the backward compatibility.

Funky Town_TX4033d ago

I don't have PS2 games, and I don't want to play them. I don't need memory card readers either.

progx4033d ago

I sell everything when the new sh*t comes out.

Mr_Kuwabara4033d ago

Meh it's the inside that counts. :)

crck4033d ago

Seems like some people are gonna need to buy a usb hub. 1 to charge the controller. 1 for keyboard and mouse combo (or both slots taken up if wired). No room left to plug in a thumb drive (which probably becomes even more important since it doesn't have flash card readers). Not that I care too much I got a 60 gb. Just wondering about the reasoning behind it.

Irving4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

You don't have to keep the controller connected all the time. It charges in less than an hour and runs for 20+ hours. Atleast it is better than having to buy separate play and charge kits.

snakeater34033d ago

the reasoning behind it is pure economics .....thats why ms has 3 sku's and three different price points ...having distinct sku's lets those who are willing to pay more for bells and whistles to pay the full price without cannibalizing sales of the lower spec you really think the 60gb and the 20 gb model were a 100 dollars apart from sony's point of view ? the same applies for this new model

BrianC62344033d ago

I have an original 60GB PS3 and never use more than two USB ports at a time. You could always get a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Or maybe a keyboard with USB ports built into it. I doubt Sony saves that much by dropping two USB ports but every little bit helps. Plus it makes the features on the 60GB model seem like a better deal. This 40GB PS3 is just for gamers who want a PS3 but won't pay more than what a 360 costs.

feejo4033d ago

Minus the USB - Card - EE, they should have save enough to make the 40gb 300$ to really compte, but they will learn there too.

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The story is too old to be commented.