White Knight Story Interview (Including New In-Game Footage) interviews Akihiro Hino (CEO/President of Level-5) and Yoshiaki Kusuda (Senior Vice President) about their upcoming PS3 exclusive, White Knight Story.

Follow the link for a HD version.

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achira4492d ago

very nice graphics and the fights seem realistic. i game i should keep my eye on.

fenderputty4492d ago

O well ... I'll see it when I get home. This game is going to be in my library. I need me some good RPG action to hold me over until FFXII. Next year is going to be heavy on the pocket book. lol

Bebedora4492d ago

I would count in is Folklore and Eye of Judgment.

Last one seems most fun in my book, because it's longevity seems more vibrant and exciting. Expensive though here it will be $120 standard with the 32 card deck coming with it....

But WKS(C?) will haxxorz my soxxorz

Figboy4492d ago

the interview was definitely interesting, but the footage they used was from the old TGS build from *LAST year, which was basically a sort of in engine mock up of what they wanted the game to be at the time.

since then, the art style has changed quite a bit, though it's no less jaw-droppingly beautiful.

what i like about Level 5, is that they made a pre-vis video that actually seemed *ATTAINABLE, and have met, and in a lot of ways, *EXCEEDED that initial pre-vis. they rode the line very well, whereas, say, Guerilla Games bit off more than they could chew with that old E3 CG trailer, and even though they've come *INSANELY CLOSE to that video, Killzone 2 isn't 100% like that trailer, but no less *FANTASTIC looking.

White Knight Story is going to be awesome, as i don't think Level 5 have made a bad RPG yet, really. they truly are becoming the new Squaresoft in terms of releasing quality games.